TV Recap: Enlisted, Series Premiere


From a personal standpoint, I have a lot of conflicting feelings about the show Enlisted. The trailer for the show were completely awful – if I didn’t have a stake in some of the actors I never would have even thought about watching the show. On top of that, when it was unexpectedly pushed to a mid-season replacement, on Friday nights none-the-less, I assumed it must be a complete piece of garbage.

And then there’s the fact that it stole Parker Young from Suburgatory which makes me very sad. Suburgatory is one of my favorite shows, and though I love everyone on the show, Parker Young’s Ryan has become arguably one of the best characters on television, and in the past I’ve found his absence in an episode noticeable. My hope was that Enlisted would end quickly, and Young would be able to return to Suburgatory.


On the other end of this argument I’m having with myself, I’m excited to see the resurgence of Chris Lowell on my TV screen. You may know him from Veronica Mars, Private Practice, Life as we Know It, or the feature film The Help. Personally, I’m obsessed with him, I’m 100% Team Piz (sorry Logan lovers), and I regularly refer to him as my future husband. So… there’s that.

I was pleasantly surprised when I finally got to view the pilot. It has some problems, particularly with pace. The jokes are there, as well as some decent character setup, but the comedic timing is all off. The dialogue and editing are both at lighting speed, allowing the viewer no time to digest what’s happened or being said. The speed actually made me feel anxious at times. Another problem is that there’s no real plot in the pilot. It’s all setup and character introductions.

However, there is plenty that makes up for it, particularly the performances of the three leads. Parker Young basically plays the same character as he played on Suburgatory, and Chris Lowell and George Stults both ooze charisma and comedic chops.

I can’t speak from a male perspective, though I’d assume an army show about three brothers would appeal to men for different reasons. However, from a female perspective, there really is no reason not to watch Enlisted. It’s three hot guys who are extremely talented and incredibly charming, each in their own ways.


I hope the writing and pace improve over time, and I really could see that happening. Between the cast, their chemistry, and the solid comedy that’s already there, I believe this could turn out to be a really solid show. Or it could blow up after a few episodes. You never know with a comedy! At any rate, I would say it’s worth giving a shot.

Here’s hoping my future husband is on my TV screen for many weeks to come!

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