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Bold Box Office Predictions: January 17-19, 2014


Notable Openings This Weekend: Devil’s Due, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, The Nut Job, Ride Along

As we get away from all these random limited to mid to wide release movies, the box office will start to finally settle in again, making it easier for me to make terrible predictions. We’ve got something for everybody though this weekend, including horror, animated squirrels, comedy, and the return of a popular spy. So grab your CIA badge and nuts (I’m talking about nuts that squirrels eat, come on now!), and let’s do some box office predicting!


The return of Jack Ryan!! Does anybody care? Maybe a little. The last Jack Ryan film released was The Sum of All Fears in 2002, back in Ben Affleck’s questionable career decisions phase. Chris Pine takes on the popular character, and his non Star Trek films haven’t exactly smashed things up at the box office. People may be in the mood for a spy thriller, and this should do okay, but might not be enough to take #1 this weekend.

Uh-Oh! Get ready from some craaaaaaaaaazy antics with Ride Along, the new buddy comedy starring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. Okay, I know there seems to be this supposed love affair with Kevin Hart right now, but if that’s true, explain to me how Grudge Match worked out? He seems like a funny guy, but let’s just calm down with the Kevin Hart love, alright. This movie looks terrible. I suppose it could do okay due to lack of comedies right now, but if you want to see a good comedy, go to The Wolf of Wall Street or American Hustle this weekend.

Is Devil’s Due due to be a box office hit? I don’t know, horror is impossible to predict these days. It’s a found footage movie, and Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones didn’t exactly break the bank a couple weeks ago. This will probably get into the top five, but be forgotten about pretty quickly.

The Nut Job will bomb, the end.

How Will It All Break Down…

After I got Lone Survivor completely wrong last weekend, it should hold up as champion, fighting off a close battle with Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.


1) Lone Survivor — $23 Million
2) Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit — $21 Million
3) Ride Along — $16 Million
4) Devil’s Due — $10 Million
5) Frozen — $7.5 Million

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