The WWE-ek: The Return of YES


If you are a true wrestling fan, not someone who is just going to hop on the trendy-bandwagon, you will surely be upset by the news that Mae Young passed away this week. The woman was a true legend in wrestling. Having competed all over the country, she along with lifelong friend the Fabulous Moolah, essentially paved the way for women’s wrestling. Mae Young was a tough woman, taking her job as a female competitor very seriously. At the time, women’s wrestling became a traveling circus act, as most men were drafted into military service. However, Young would not let it be a joke as she often brutalized anyone bold enough to step into the ring with her.

Truth it, few of us know of this part of her life. What made her so famous and endearing to this day? Let’s try, wrestling in her ’80s. Did you know she took a top rope power bomb from the Dudley Boys? Sorry, I left out something. It was through a table too. Moolah and Young stuck around and were quite active during the Attitude Era and often made appearances on television either advising or fighting the women in the Divas division.

Mae Young was a natural entertainer. She was tough, smart, and always had a witty comment waiting for the unsuspecting victim. She will truly be missed.

Hard to go from being so serious to what I am about to rant about, but I’ll give it a shot.

Does anyone else think Ryback has completely lost it? On Monday Night RAW, Michael Cole made fun of Ryback for some insane comments he posted on Twitter. Then, on Main Event, Ryback interrupted practically every single match and did nothing but march around the ring. Teaming up with AJ Lee maybe? She skips, he stomps. Match made in heaven? Nah, hell. Hell for us. I would show you some of these so-called comments, except either he, or someone in WWE went and pressed the rest button on his account as of press time, there are ZERO tweets from him. Either the former Skip Sheffield had completely gone brain-crazy and doesn’t care anymore, or WWE is about to make him another whacko. He should have a DVD promotion called the Rise and Fall and Falling Some More with Ryback. The guy was the NXT/Nexus monster. Then he turned face after returning from injury. What happens? They send him right after reigning WWE Champion CM Punk, and Ryback never wins the title. Then he starts losing over and over. Then he becomes a bully. Now he teams with fellow loser, Curtis Axel. What could possibly go wrong next? The Great Khali becomes his manager?

Daniel Bryan has returned! Did he really ever go away? He was with the Wyatts for all of two weeks. Either this was the plan all along, or WWE realized they were about to make a huge mistake. Nothing in-depth to scrutinize here. Even while Bryan seemed to be in perfect collusion with the Wyatts, joining them on beatdowns, the crowd STILL cheered for him. When he would face off against other fan-favorites, the crowd STILL cheered. I don’t know what to tell you if this was the plan, but I have seeds of doubt. The fact Bryan was still cheered by crowds, even when he was clearly doing something considered “bad” in the ring or in a promo, this guy is half of the face of WWE.

The other half is not John Ce-nuts. It is certainly not Randy Boreton. It is CM Punk. Friday Night SmackDown might as well have been called Friday Night Punk. It was all about Punk re-igniting his feud with The Authority. What happens? He goes after The Shield, he goes after the New Age Outlaws. Kane steps in, and we get a whole mess of a situation, where everyone beats up CM Punk. Outlaws, Shield, and Kane. It takes six people to hold Punk down, and expect more of this towards WrestleMania. Yes, we will probably get CM Punk vs. Triple H.

I worry Daniel Bryan will face Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania. I do not think I am the only one who wants Bryan going for the WWE Championship. I can promise no one wants Cena vs. Orton again. The funny thing is, as much as people do not want it, it might still happen, and people will still watch. Just remember last year. CM Punk vs. Undertaker was considered the true attraction. When Cena faced off with The Rock, the crowd did nothing but boo, or just turn and leave the arena. Yes. Remember that? I was there, I saw it. People got up, and left during the main event. It just shows, people care more for the undercard than for what was pushed as the epic match of the show.

Royal Rumble is getting closer, and the list of participants are getting longer. More teases on SmackDown, as Cody and Dustin have some rivalry over last year’s Rumble, where Cody tossed Goldust. This year Goldust warns Cody he might return the favor. We thought the Shield might break up? Wonder if the tag champs will beat them to it.

This week will see everything come together for the Royal Rumble. I pray as I do every year, WWE doesn’t get silly and put the Rumble before the WWE Title match. The Rumble is the main event, and it should always be the main event. Batista comes back this Monday on Raw, and as teased, he will confront Alberto del Rio. Funny, how Batista left as a whining crying quitter, but hey, let’s just forget all about that and welcome him back with open arms. Then again, it has been three, four years? Most of the fans probably forgot or haven’t even heard of him. You know, the trend-followers, the people who just say they know who he is when in fact all their knowledge comes from YouTube or Wikipedia?

Alright, enough of me before I insult someone.

Paul Heyman. There. I said it.


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