TV Recap: HitRECord on TV, Pilot Episode


Point: Joseph Gordon Levitt invites people around the world to share their ideas and collaborate via his new business HitRECord. This television show is the medium in which he showcases their work (and in some cases, collaborates with them).

I don’t know what annoys me more about this: the fact that Joseph Gordon Levitt is using Pivot to broadcast these amazingly talented people or the fact that nobody is watching this. I know the latter statement is a pretty big assumption, however, let’s face it: the majority of the American population is not sitting around watching a no name channel like Pivot at 10pm on a Saturday night.

Photo Credit: Pivot TV
Photo Credit: Pivot TV

I don’t mean to be tough on Pivot. I understand they are the start-up of television channels and they haven’t gained much traction yet, but think about this. You have a major star like JGL and a show about talented individuals with a story. You have a reality show that’s actually reality, something that’s pretty unheard of in this country. And yet… you broadcast it all on Saturday at 10pm, when half the viewers are asleep and the other half the country are out partying it up.

None of the players in this show deserve this. JGL showcases some amazing talent that should receive all the recognition in the world. These people are incredible writers, artists, and musicians with some incredible voices and stories. I know it probably meant the world to them that JGL gave them the time of day (one girl practically cried telling her family) but is that supposed to be enough?

I was just irked by all of it. This isn’t about Joseph Gordon Levitt, he has plenty of movies that are, for the most part, all about him. These are about the hardworking individuals featured in this show. I feel like Pivot missed that point.

Anyway, if I’m not going to sleep or going out with friends, I’ll sit down and watch more of HitRECord. Not only because I love and support Joseph Gordon Levitt but because the participants on the show deserve mine and the world’s utmost attention.

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