TV Recap: Sleepy Hollow, Season 1 Finale

Written by Asia Martin


The two-hour season finale of Sleepy Hollow was more than audiences could expect as Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) and Abbie (Nicole Beharie) find themselves losing friends to the demon Moloch but learning more about how to stop the Apocalypse. Up until the finale, the season had Captain Irving’s (Orlando Jones) daughter, Macey (Amandla Stenberg) possessed by a demon and killed a priest; the headless horsemen is an old frenemy of Ichabod who wants Katrina for himself; Abbie and her sister Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) are close again; Ichabod found out he had a son and George Washington has been leaving a trail of crumbs for Ichabod.

Photo Credit: Brownie Harris/FOX
Photo Credit: Brownie Harris/FOX

Season one’s last episode starts off with Abbie testing out Crane’s updated skills as she leaves a voicemail for him and he responds with several text messages that display his frustration with autocorrect. As Abbie prepares to unwind in her home she senses someone is there and surely Andy, the zombie/demon, appears behind her. Andy takes a moment to confess his unrequited love to Abbi and then warns her that Moloch is after General George Washington’s bible because it has clues to a map that leads to purgatory.

Abbie alerts Ichabod of the warning. Ichabod investigates Washington’s bible in hopes of finding clues so he can finally rescue Katrina from purgatory and bring her back to the mortal world.

The first clue lied within prayer beads that the priests and practicing warlocks used to bring Washington back to life. Yeah, a zombie Washington existed in Sleepy Hollow and its not abnormal. The prayer beads were with the Clint Eastwood looking priest who died in the first episode.

Crane and Abbie seek the help of Henry (John Noble of Fringe fame), also known as the Sin Eater, so he can read the past of the beads and see what happened when Washington came back to life. The team heads to the cemetery and Henry gets a reading showing Washington drawing a map and then transporting the map to a wooded location.

The team moves on to find where Washington’s real body was buried and then things begin to look a lot like an Indiana Jones movie, but since its American history let’s say National Treasure. Washington is buried in an underground tomb that self destructs after his casket is opened.

Photo Credit: Brownie Harris/FOX
Photo Credit: Brownie Harris/FOX

While all that is going on, Captain Irving and his family are being interrogated for the death of an officer and priest that was really caused by the demon Moloch sent. In order to keep the heat off his daughter who has her DNA all over the priest, Captain Irving takes the fall for the the murders and he is arrested and taken into custody.

As Ichabod continues to seek to save Katrina, Abbie is worried about the prophecy that Ichabod will deliver her into purgatory and that he will choose Katrina over the fate of the whole world. In order to satisfy Abbie, Crane burns the map. But if you have been following Sleepy Hollow, you are aware of Crane’s photographic memory and that map still exist.

Crane stays quiet until Henry has a vision that Moloch will raise up the second horseman during the coming eclipse and the team assembles again to strategize. They need a witch and earlier in the season all the witches and warlocks they knew have died, leaving only Katrina who is in purgatory.

Now, Abbi and Ichabod are forced to go in and risk Abbie fulfilling the prophecy. While Crane, Abbie and Henry follow the map, Jenny does some research at an old church and discovers that the second horsemen is someone that they all know. But before she could reach the team, the headless horseman stops her with a shotgun and great aim.

Photo Credit: Brownie Harris/FOX
Photo Credit: Brownie Harris/FOX

Abbie and Ichabod fin Katrina in the echo of the old church Jenny went to and they get her out by Abbie’s voluntary sacrifice. Abbie tries to take Moloch but he is, of course stronger and in his own realm. When she runs away she falls into a dollhouse being inhabited by the teenage versions of Abbie and Jenny who hold the memory of Moloch raising up the second horsemen and Abbie finds out that her sister and her were in the woods-not by-coincidence but by assignment to stop Moloch. Moloch had subdued the girls and taken their memory away and sent it to purgatory.

As Katrina and Ichabod find the spot where Moloch is to raise the second horsemen, Henry reveals that he is the second horseman, raised up over 10 years ago, and Jeremy (Ichabod’s son). Katrina’s powers are weak and Henry hands her over to the headless horsemen and throws Ichabod into the coffin he was raised out of. The scene ends and there’s questions like: Will Jenny show up? Will Abbie escape in enough time? How will Captain Irving help them now?

We have to wait until the Fall to get all those answers and hope that season two will be just as good or better than season one.

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