Singles Party (Special Edition): Lance Bass, ‘Walking on Air’

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Sometimes you can’t let a new single pass you by. Lead interview and senior editor Lisa Pikaard brought this new one from former ‘N YSNC-er Lance Bass to our attention and we had to take a special look at the first new song from the singer in over a decade. Is this a joke, a novelty or…is this song actually good?

Lisa Pikaard: So ‘N Sync’s Lance Bass finally took the plunge and released his first single as a solo artist, something many of us 20-something former boy band loving music fans have been thirsting for. Tragically, this song is definitely not what I have been waiting so anxiously for.

I didn’t have high hopes for “Walking on Air” from the start. I never thought the bass of the boy band would be able to sing a song without help and I was right. His dance track single features Anise K, Bella Blue, and the most out of place person you could think of, Snoop Dogg.

I am not a fan of dance music and I’d gauge this song as slightly tolerable. It’s repetitive and simplistic but the biggest problem I have with the track is the lack of Lance Bass. He is buried in the chorus and if I didn’t know beforehand that Bass was on the track, I’d have had no idea.


So how does Snoop factor in? He seemed out of place and his verse came across as amateurish. It didn’t seem as though he gave a lot of thought to it and it was just weak. You have to listen to the song once, observe the horrendous photo Lance took for the single, then don’t ever listen to it again. Verdict: One and done.

Kelly O’Dowd: By far one of my favorite pop songs I’ve heard this year. Catchy and ridiculously easy to find yourself dancing to, it’s one of those songs that you can roll your windows down and sing along to, even in the middle of a New Jersey January. Lance can sing, and it’s a bit disappointing that he’s not featured as much as he is (seeing how it’s *his* single and all), but that doesn’t stop the song from being enjoyable. The bigger question is, will this song have the staying power like his old singing partner, J.T.? Probably not, but we can enjoy it while Lance is here. Verdict: Add to Playlist.

Jason Stives: Thirteen years after Lance Bass gifted us with the Oscar winning film “On the Line” and 12 years after the hiatus of N*Sync he has returned to the music scene with “Walking On Air,” something he is far from doing with this release. Look I lend an open ear to everything and when its pop related that is a definite but i would rather jam my eardrum with a Q tip than listen to this again. Seacrest out. Verdict: One and done.

Lauren Stern: To be honest, I don’t know how I feel about “Walking on Air.” The beat is kind of catchy and the voices of the different collaborators sound great together, however the dance club vibe that comes off just feels forced. I do have to say that Lance Bass sounds absolutely fantastic here (It’s been 12 years guys) and this song was definitely a pleasant surprise. I was expecting an attention-starved Bass singing some incredibly annoying and/or strange sounding track. I did not get that all all here. Verdict: Add to my gym playlist. Other playlists, I will most likely omit.

Bill Bodkin: The new one from Lance Bass has potential in this way — it can easily be remixed into a crazy fun club banger. However, as a stand alone single, “Walking on Air” is just flat out bad. First problem…Lance Bass. Does anyone know what he sounds like? As one of the less popular members of ‘N YSNC it wasn’t like we heard Lance Bass’ voice that often so when his vocals come in, I was kind of confused whether if it was him or is this one of the random guest artists I’ve never heard of. That’s a pretty big problem. Assuming that it is him, to be blunt his vocals are flat and deflate a very high-energy beat, he makes Pitbull sound like Justin Timberlake. As for “the big guest spot” from Snoop…he should keep trying to hone his reggae act because this guest spot was atrocious. “Walking on Air” isn’t the worst song ever, but in no way would this ever be considered good either. Verdict: One and done.

Final Verdict: You can skip this one.

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