The WWE-ek: The Punk & Bryan Fall-Out


So, how has your week been? Good?

So, I’m just getting over a cold, and work has been very busy. I come home late and boy am I tired. I watched RAW and was pretty entertained. It was not the best show, but WWE has to do something to push ahead Elimination Chamber which is later this month. The kids can wear me out, but overall, they’re good kids, and one of them knows how to pull off a Shooting Star Press. No, just joking. Just a plain ol’ moonsault. In any case, bills have to be paid, but overall I can’t complain. Thanks for asking, my week went pretty well, pretty routine.


Unless you have been living under a rock, or just without internet, you know by now CM Punk up and left WWE with the swiftness of a sudden gust of wind.

I feel it is time for a very important class lesson. So please, sit back and just read, and read calmly.

We’ve lost our minds. Thank the internet. News spreads like wildfire. Rumors spread like wildfire. What has become commonly known as the IWC – Internet Wrestling Community, whatever that really is, has pretty much gone batshit, lost-the-marbles crazy over recent events.

Daniel Bryan – Was Bryan ever scheduled for the Rumble? No. Could he have been a surprise entrant? Yes. Was he? No.

WWE never promised Daniel Bryan in the Royal Rumble match. Maybe they felt since Batista was scripted to win, it wasn’t worth it to have Bryan lose, because that would garner the exact same reaction from wrestling fans. We all agree, Daniel Bryan is the real “face” of WWE and it ticks people off that he is not headlining WrestleMania. Class, simmer down a minute. You have to realize what is happening around you. Look at your surroundings. You have a guy like Bryan who outperforms everyone week-to-week. So why not put him in incredible feuds, like the one he just had with Bray Wyatt? Does he NEED to wear the WWE Championship? No. But, the fans have spoken and they WANT him to. Someone started a petition on the White House website and it hit over 100,000 signatures but it was shut down. The petition? For Bryan to main event WrestleMania 30. This is when we need to stop, breathe and take a nap to come to our senses.

CM Punk – The news of his departure has driven people to madness. I’m seeing boycotts on websites, public outcry against WWE. But hold on, as I mentioned a few days ago, we do not know the truth. All we have are so-called facts from TMZ and various dirtsheets claiming to have the inside scoop. Until WWE or Punk provides an explanation, then I strongly advise not to buy into any rumors. I might as well tell you Punk hated the food in catering. There, now does this become truth too? No, it doesn’t. We can say all we want how Punk hated this… and Punk wanted to main event… Until Punk says so, it is all a rumor. One big insane, public crazed rumor.

Listen up. To those of you who want to boycott WWE? Shut up. Shut the hell up now. You’ll never boycott WWE. You’ll all tune in to watch RAW because that is what you do, and WWE will continue to do what they do? You people love watching Daniel Bryan too much to change the channel. You become like those who say they are going to boycott the Superman/Batman movie, but we all know you’re going to go see it anyway, because you can’t live with yourself to give up a hobby. Do you have any idea how many facebook posts or forum posts or blogs there are full of people who claimed to stop watching after something happens year after year? Millions. Those same people continue their weekly reviews or their monthly PPV cry-fests over what WWE is doing wrong. I love it! Everyone seems to know better than WWE. That’s right, EVERYONE. It’s a gosh-darn-hiddly-diddly-thumb-up-the-ass-wonder WWE is still in business, because they clearly have no idea what they are doing.

It’s time to take a deep yoga breath, drink a bottle of water, maybe a hot shower, and just chill the #$%& out. It is a television show people. These things are scripted. Batista is going to WrestleMania. Deal with it. Don’t like it? Don’t cheer for him. Cheer for who you like, and ignore who you don’t. People, it’s just a show. It’s not real. It’s scripted. The wrestling is real, the story is not. For the love of everything good and holy in this world. Calm down. If Daniel Bryan is not main eventing yet, just have some damn patience. If you aren’t happy with CM Punk quitting, then go write him a letter.

If you really don’t like the show, then don’t watch it. But don’t be that person, the one who complains and complains, but continues to watch just so you can complain some more. Your life is meaningless, and such behavior would give anyone the right to question your own sanity.

Take a deep breath folks, and remember, it’s just a television show.

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