Bold Box Office Predictions: February 7-9, 2014


Notable Openings This Weekend: The Lego Movie, The Monuments Men, Vampire Academy


Legos! Teen Vampires! World War II Art Rescuers! Sounds like a weekend at my house. t’s certainly a crowded box office this week. How will the new films fare? Big openings, or will Frozen just continue to make buckets and buckets of gold? The first place we got to start with though is Lego Land…

Talk about positive buzz the last couple weeks. Holy Lincoln Logs. Seriously, I can’t click on the Internet without somebody telling me The Lego Movie is the greatest film ever made. With this being a kids movie, and having the Lego name attached to it, I felt like a big opening weekend was already upon us. But as I write this, it’s currently sitting at a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes…wow. This appeals to kids. This appeals to adults. This appeals to dogs, cats, hamsters, whatever. Expect BIG MONEY for Legos at the box office this weekend.

George Clooney! Matt Damon! John Goodman! Cate Blanchett! Bill Murray! Oh my goodness! Monuments Men is going to open…fine. This will do fine. I was excited for this film, but then it got delayed, the trailers look horrendous…this movie just feels lifeless. The names attached will bring it to a respectable opening, but I think this is pretty much going to come and go. The ‘eh’ reviews certainly aren’t doing it any favors.


Okay, I’ve double checked.Triple checked. Quadrupled checked. Vampire Academy is opening in wide release this weekend. As I sit here writing this on Friday, I’ve seen two reviews…and it’s rotten. Wow…talk about waiting till the absolute last minute to allow reviews for your film. Look, this movie isn’t going to do well. Let’s just leave it at that. I think I’ve said all there is to say about Vampire Academy.

How Will It All Break Down…



1) The Lego Movie — $76.5 Million
2) The Monuments Men — $18.5 Million
3) Ride Along — $8 Million
4) Frozen — $6 Million
5) Vampire Academy — $5.5 Million

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