Film Review: The LEGO Movie


Once I heard that Legos were being constructed into a full length animated feature, I was pretty pumped. However, I could’ve never imagined it would build a special place in my heart. Yes folks, the circling reviews of The Lego Movie do not lie; this film is something to behold like you wouldn’t believe.

The movie tells the tale of Emmet (Chris Pratt), a regular ol’ guy who goes day to day doing routine stuff, which includes doing hilarious jumping jacks, greeting fellow citizens, and singing along to the best song ever, “Everything is Awesome.” However, the clueless Emmet is destined for better things, as it is spoken about in a prophecy spoken by wise old hippie sage Virtuvius (Morgan Freeman). Seems Emmet is destined to take down Lord Business (Will Ferrell), who wants Lego buildings and constructs to stay exactly as they are. With a cast of characters to come aid our hapless hero, including the bad ass Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks), Batman (a scene-stealing Will Arnett), along with a one track mind space man named Benny (Charlie Day) and a cat destined to always be happy (Alison Brie), Emmet will try his very best to save the day.

The Lego Movie, is, on the surface, a movie geared towards kids. However, there is a lot of stuff for adults to enjoy here, which includes knocks at items interacting with the Lego universe in ridiculously funny ways. The puns and slapstick contained within will make people of all ages laugh and the creativity showcased in every second of the film is one hundred percent fantastic. The animation is purely CGI, but done so well you would think that somebody painstakingly made every set out of Legos in real life and not on a computer. Trust me when I say, if you don’t wanna buy a set of the building blocks once the movie is completed, check your pulse.

My pulse is fine, cause I totally do want to bombard a Lego store with a wallet full of cash and go berserk buying everything in sight. But the beauty of The Lego Movie is not a product being pushed, and if it is, it’s not directly. The Lego Movie has a story to tell, and it weaves it so well that it even throws a twist at you which a) you won’t see coming and b) totally works within the framework. There comes a moment when you are watching the movie that you totally fall in love with every single character so much that the hero’s victory becomes your deepest desire, and when bad stuff happens, you feel for them. The building block becomes so enrooted in our consciousness because our imagination made them important since we were kids. And The Lego Movie succeeds because even though most of the characters are brand new, they are still familiar. Much like the Woody or Buzz in our lives, Emmet is a toy who we all know very well, and the movie elevates to be special, along with a creative plateau to set him in. This is us at 5 years old, on the floor, with our toys, except moving at a flow where we can watch the adventure we could create in our basement unfold before our very bewildered eyes.

The Lego Movie succeeds way more than I could’ve imagined. There is something wonderful in all the pieces assembled for the movie, and the film knows how to use the limitation of Lego movement to make us giggle, the gorgeous animation to make keep our eyes focused, the gags and one liners to make us laugh, and familiar characters to keep us engaged in the story. It is really something special, and I urge you, the child in you, to make sure you give it a chance if you had any doubt. EVERYTHING WAS AWESOME!!!

Rating: 9.5/10

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