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Singles Party: Major Lazer f./Sean Paul, ‘Come On to Me’

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Thomas Wesley Pentz is a busy, busy man. Under his Diplo moniker, he’s a super-producer and prolific mixmaster. Then there’s his other project — Major Lazer, his dancehall inspired mix of sweltering Jamaican reggae with the high energy big boom bass of dubstep ad electronica. His new EP, Apocalypse Soon, dropped on Tuesday and he’s dropping new tracks on the public like crazy. That includes “Come One Me” feature pop reggae star Sean Paul. The gang from the Singles Party jumped into the world of EDM to see if the Major’s newest is worth adding to your playlist.

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Nick Porcaro: The latest barnstormer from Diplo and Switch is most certainly made for the dancehall. That, plus the Sean Paul guest spot, means I have pretty much nothing to say about it. “Come On to Me” is well produced for sure, but absolutely not for me. I won’t pass judgment. Verdict: Abstain.

Kelly O’Dowd: These hips don’t lie. I couldn’t help but dance when I started playing this song. It’s a perfect workout song, you just feel amazing about yourself. It also comes at a time where we need a bit of summer heat right now in the week where we will get yet more snow. The song radiates hot, sweaty bodies in a club at midnight. And I’m actually surprised I haven’t heard people blasting this around my neighborhood. Really, you can’t go wrong with listening to this. Verdict: Add to playlist.


Jason Stives: Leave it to Diplo to put Sean Paul back into the spotlight and he does so in on one dirty and downright groove worthy track. Having already heard two previous tracks from his recently released EP, Diplo under the guise of his Major Lazer project has turned out another barn burner and “Come On To Me” is a great addition to that. It’s surprising because compared to his other work this is a straight up dance hall track that is all hip shaking and dare I say twerking (not my twerking mind you) with no additional frills to the production. It still has all the hallmarks of a Diplo track but I am more inclined to trust my rhythm rather than the direction of the beat when dancing to this one. Verdict: Add to the Playlist

Bill Bodkin: Believe it or not, the resident metal guy on Pop-Break knows a thing or two about the EDM world. “Come One Me” does not hold a candle to Major Lazer’s infectious banger “Original Don” but it’s fun and infectious. The beats are so massive that you can’t help but let them envelope you and make your lose any sort of cynicism that you may have about EDM. Sean Paul does a what he does best — delivering his a fast-paced, unique flow over sick beats. This is a solid track to add to your playlist especially if you’re looking for something to add to your work-out mix. Verdict: Add to the Playlist

Final Verdict: The sweltering energy and big beats of Major Lazer and Sean have won us over — feel free to add this to your playlist.

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