The WWE-ek: Wade Barrett is WWE’s Troll


Boy, has this been a week.

Raw brings the reality. The saga of Daniel Bryan being held down and the fans constantly being disappointed with something always preventing him from becoming champion. I am calling it right now. Somehow, through interference, stipulation, something… Daniel Bryan will be WWE Champion at WrestleMania 30. Somehow. I don’t know how. But somehow. WWE is not blind, they can see no one cares for Randy Orton, and no one give a crap about Batista. You hear the chants, they even addressed it on Raw in what might have been the worst promo ever. Batista says if they fans want to boo him, he “will boo them right back!” What is this? Third-grade?

Where did Kofi Kingston go?

The big news is Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. Not the match I wanted, but the one WrestleMania needs. Brock will lose, no doubt about that. I see no point in having the Undertaker’s streak come to an end at the 30th anniversary, plus to a guy like Lesnar? No purpose. It will be a good match, not a great one, but good enough. Taker will not have to bust out many high-impact wrestling moves, because let’s understand facts, Brock does not wrestle anymore. Maybe we will get a Suplex or two from him, but the match will not be a match, it will be an all-out brawl. A fight.

NXT hit it big this past Thursday night with their inaugural show, NXT Arrival. Incredible matches. Sami Zayn and Cesaro stole the show as the show opener! Cesaro and Zayn worked so well together and Zayn has next era-Daniel Bryan written all over him. He can hit the craziest moves from anywhere. He is very entertaining and Cesaro competed as if he was main eventing RAW. Something has clicked in this guy and Cesaro has been an absolute workhorse. WWE must see this. They have to. Strange to say it, but he doesn’t make a bad replacement for CM Punk who would outperform everyone on a weekly basis.

Back to NXT before I go Cesaro Crazy. Adrian Neville won the NXT Title in a great ladder match against Bo Dallas. Remember him? The guy who eliminated Wade Barrett from the Royal Rumble, and then went on to do nothing? Fans turned on him pretty quickly, and so Dallas then changed his gimmick to be a foolish, self-absorbed celebrity, or something like that. When you start calling fans Bo-lievers, then you’ve crossed over into insanity. CJ Parker sounds like the name of a 90’s jobber. He jobbed to Mojo Rawley, who scares me a bit. Too much caffeine man? Even the NXT Divas were infinitely better than what we are getting on the main roster. Emma looked good in the ring, I was surprised, but Paige. Good lord, Paige! She could wreck AJ. I am not sure why Too Cool showed up to challenge for the NXT Tag Team Championships, maybe they thought if Billy Gunn and the Road Dogg could be champs again, so could Scotty Too Hotty and Brian Christopher? Nah. Ascension made mincemeat out of them. Thanks to a technical glitch, most of us missed Xavier Woods taking on Tyler Breeze, which turned out to be just fine, as Alexander Rusev entered and beat down both men into paste.

Christian taking the heel route again, because he has nothing else left in the tank. He really does not. I don’t think TNA even wants him back.

Wade Barrett has become something of a troll. He comes out, berates people, goading some sort of response, and then sits back and laughs about it. I love the supersized podium, and even when it broke at the last pay-per-view, he rolled with it an improvised nicely. Hell, he even flat out said there was no way Daniel Bryan would leave Elimination Chamber as the WWE Champion, and that is exactly what happened? For a while people though the gimmick was bad news for Barrett, but if you think about it, it’s probably a great gimmick which will last a long time, thanks to WWE embracing being a major pain in the ass internet troll!


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