Pop-Press: Make Silhouette Rising’s New Video


From our friends in the band Silhouette Rising Media savvy, creative friends, we want to collaborate with you. Our new single, “Going, Gone” featuring Howi Spangler, of Ballyhoo! is available now. We need a music video that visually supports this single that we are so proud of. All submissions will be judged by Silhouette Rising, our friends from Ballyhoo!, and a panel of kick ass folks in the film industry.

For nine years, Silhouette Rising has taken the DIY approach. First it was out of necessity, but now, we wouldn’t have it any other way. A big part of our identity has always been the self produced videos that accompany our music.

So why a video contest? Rob and I have been movie making enthusiasts for as long as we can remember. We both studied film in high school and college. The art students are always the underdogs. There seems to be more of a focus on Calculus and Latin than Television production. Now, more than ever, creative minds with basic cameras are able to make an impact. We want to share your work and encourage undiscovered talent. Plus, we are tired of all the trendy, high budget music videos that flood the market. Kevin Smith filmed one of our favorite films to watch on the road, “Clerks” with $27,000.

Rules: Anyone can participate in this contest. We encourage it! Submissions due by April 7th in mp4. Files should be emailed to info@silhouetterising via YouSendit. Each video will be watched in it’s entirety, and judged on its creativity, quality, and how well it fits with what Silhouette Rising is all about. Each video must have 2:00 of footage. Videos should leave black sections in the areas that they intend to have band footage. Once a winner is selected, the band will shoot performing footage that matches the videos theme and release the final version to the public.


– Silhouette Rising VIP Package
(includes two free tickets to a show in your area, and a meet and greet dinner.)

– Ballyhoo! Video Winner Package
(includes two free tickets to a show in your area.)

– Official Video Badge
(your video will be the “official” one for “Going, Gone.” The video will be submitted to international music blogs, and stations including MTV, and VH1. Your name will be credited at the start of the video.

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