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TV Recap: Resurrection, Series Premiere


When I first saw the previews for Resurrection, my immediate thought was that the story arc seemed very familiar. When I started to see the previews more and more, I realized that the idea of the misplaced or the dead coming back to life has been done before.


Initially my thoughts were directed to The 4400, an old USA show about people who miraculously after being missing. However, I further learned that Resurrection is actually an adaption of a French show called Les Revenants and the book The Returned by Jason Mott. Given that this is clearly an unoriginal premise, I was very skeptical and overall didn’t think this show was one to add to my Sunday television schedule.

But I watched the pilot anyway, because I’m all for giving something a chance these days. Plus, I also found out that Samarie Armstrong (who played Anna on the O.C.) is on it. And who can pass up a blast from the past? (Seriously though, where has she been over the last 10 years???)

My verdict: This show started off OK, but it was all a slippery slope after the first act. There was just too much focus on Jacob (the boy who comes back from the dead) and his family. They were only half-developed as “Jacob’s accident” was the only thing anyone could talk about. There was absolutely no development on any of the other characters, most especially on the F.B.I. guy J. Martin Bellamy (Omar Epps) and Jacob’s childhood BFF. In fact, most of them just stood around and looked dumbfounded the whole time.


Then, of course, within the last five minutes, the group discovers that Elaine (Armstrong’s character)’s father is also one of the “resurrected.” And the mystery of how and why they all returned supposedly remains. Is there only two of them coming back to life or is there more coming? If not, I kind of feel a little gypped. Also, why couldn’t we get a small glimpse as why or how this happened now? A hint or something would have been nice.

If the characters and the storyline wasn’t so underdeveloped, I probably would continue watching next week. But I don’t really care about any of these people or their revived family members so I’m going to pass on this show. Maybe I will check out the book instead. Usually the book is always better anyway.

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