Album Review: Luke Bryan, ‘Spring Break 6…Like We Ain’t Ever’


Luke Bryan can’t seem to be stopped from releasing magic as he continues his success with his sixth spring break album, Spring Break 6… Like We Ain’t Ever.

A tradition that Bryan will hopefully not be breaking any time soon is his annual spring break EP of (typically) six songs that glorify the sun, the sand, the surf and, of course, spring break. Just as everyone is getting antsy for nice weather and summery tunes, Bryan obliges. Although no song on the sixth release tops my personal spring break album favorite, “If You Ain’t Here to Party,” from Spring Break 5… Here to Party, there are some definite spring time anthem songs on this EP. “Like We Ain’t Ever,” the title track, is a fun, upbeat song about drinking, having some fun and making the night last forever. This song will deservedly become a spring break party anthem for the country and pop world.


After releasing songs like “Country Girl Shake it For Me,” (off Tailgates & Tanlines) you have to expect a funny song to be on the album and this EP provides us with the song “The Sand I Brought to the Beach.” No, it’s not about actual sand but it’s about bringing a girl to spring break, she gets sick of the partying and leaves so Bryan loses the “sand” he brought to the beach.

Every track on Spring Break 6… Like We Ain’t Ever, is co-written by Luke Bryan and the lyrics can certainly appeal to everyone. “Are You Leaving With Him” is about the question many guys have when hitting on women at a bar, are they going home with the guy who treats them badly or with the good, new guy? And “Night One” is the story so many have faced of meeting the potential love of your life on the last night of your vacation.

If you have to pick two songs to try out to get the perfect picture of this EP they are “Like We Ain’t Ever” and “She Get Me High.” Despite the grammatical issues I have with the title of the latter song, it is the tune you want to listen to while lying on the beach. Even musically it almost sounds like an ocean rolling in. Luke Bryan won the title of “Entertainer of the Year” from the Academy of Country Music awards in 2013 and is nominated again this year. This EP is just another example of why he deserves that title again in 2014. If you’re looking for the perfect tunes to get you in the warm weather mindset, Spring Break 6… Like We Ain’t Ever is the EP to purchase and blast with the windows down, the sunroof open and the speakers up.

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