Bold Box Office Predictions: March 14-16, 2014


Notable Openings This Weekend: Need for Speed, Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club

I apologize for missing last week’s Box Office Predictions. I was really excited to analyze Mr. Peabody & Sherman. Oh darn. What a shame. But I’m not here to talk about the past. I’m here to talk about the completely and utterly boring movies opening this weekend. I’m sure the most exciting film for a lot of people will actually be Veronica Mars, but I think that’s getting released in about two theaters and video on demand, so not a whole lot of box office to analyze. It’s all about Jesse from Breaking Bad Vs. a bunch of Spartan warriors this week!

Mr. Peabody and Sherman (2014) movie poster

Need for Speed is doing everything in its power to convince you it’s just like Fast and the Furious. It will get its audience, and I’m sure there’s a few naïve folks out there who will be fooled into thinking this will be just like the video game. Oh yea, sure it will. This is Aaron Paul’s big movie debut, but he doesn’t really have star power yet. It will do fine, but nothing special.

The other major release is Tyler Perry’s Single Moms Club. It’s a Tyler Perry movie. What am I supposed to say at this point? I’m sure it was made for a low budget, will get its $15-$20 million dollar opening weekend, and then be quickly forgotten about. The end.

How Will It All Break Down…

Need for Speed will make it close, but will ultimately run of gas (Ohhhhhh, see what I did there?) against 300: Rise of an Empire, which will finish #1 by default. Next weekend should be a lot more interesting with Muppets Most Wanted and Divergent.


1) 300: Rise of an Empire — $25 Million
2) Need for Speed — $23.5 Million
3) Mr. Peabody & Sherman — $20 Million
4) Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club — $17.5 Million
5) Non-Stop — $10 Million

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