The WWE-ek: It’s Wrestlemania Time


If I didn’t know any better, it’s WrestleMania time!

In the past two weeks, we have almost all our main feuds lined up with their upcoming bouts at WrestleMania 30.

The big news, and I mean big, Daniel Bryan facing Triple H with the stipulation, should he win, Bryan is added to the Main Event championship match. What is interesting is how the internet was in an uproar since the Royal Rumble, devising methods of how to get Bryan into the main event, and this particular scenario was universally spoken about and subsequently used by WWE. Either WWE is getting ready to troll the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) once more or this is a case of them realizing no one wants to see nor cares about Randy Orton vs. Batista. Perhaps they fear a loss in WWE Network subscribers? No CM Punk and no Daniel Bryan in the main event could result in lower-than-expected pay-per-view buys, although at this rate, they are going to make a killing as is. Daniel Bryan in the main event seems too good to be true. He can be in the main event after all, but that does not mean he will win the title. Batista can still walk away with it, chances are it is in his contract to have another title reign.

Undertaker is heating up his feud with Brock Lesnar, this past RAW he and Paul Heyman exchanged some intense words. The best lines go to Heyman as he went on a lengthy speech about how the Undertaker is truly supernatural. His winning streak is the stuff of legend, considering no one has ever won more than five matches in a row. Heyman cut a respectful promo, ultimately insinuating should Undertaker not back out, Brock Lesnar will be the man to end the streak. I really hope not. Brock is made out to be a beast, yet a win over the Undertaker? I just do not see it. It makes no sense. Brock is a part-timer, so a win does nothing and has no impact on the current product.

Let’s talk SmackDown for a moment. Odd show. Sheamus mauls Heath Slater. Big E. Langston steamrolls over Fandango, and Kofi Kingston shows up to get squashed by Bray Wyatt. Feels like I am watching an episode of Wrestling Challenge. In the big matches of the night, Dolph Ziggler gets a big win over Alberto del Rio and Big Show is triumphant over Kane. Further examination of those matches. Both Ziggler and del Rio feel like they were sent back to the minors. Both men were World Champions just a year ago, now both are at the bottom of the fish tank. Still drowning. Ziggler beating Del Rio has the same impact as defeating a member of 3MB. Big Show beating Kane. Very interesting. Right now we see Corporate Kane cannot seem to earn a single win. Perhaps the fire has been extinguished for good?

Two other significant events, Seth Rollins defeating Damien Sandow and the Rhodes Brothers with an easy victory over the squabbling Real Americans.

The show focused on the Shield reaffirming their unity, and make good on it by defying Kane, beating him senseless to close the show. Seems like once again, the teases of a Shield breakup are once again shelved, this time in favor of turning the group face. Rollins is getting the spotlight push now while Ambrose and Reigns are left to take a step back, albeit temporarily. Perhaps the success of the Shield/Wyatt Family feud convinced WWE Creative not to split the trio up just yet.

Damien Sandow. Has he been on a losing streak or what? This is the tipping point. Either he gets a rejuvenating push sometime after WrestleMania, or he joins Ziggler and Kingston as jobber fodder. A year ago this guy was Mr. Incredible, beating everyone and pulling the crowd attention the moment his music hit. Since his failed cashing of the Money in the Bank briefcase, he was a slow decline, and for a moment seemed to gain new momentum until bizarre gimmick matches dropped his stock fast. As of late, Sandow has been pushed around, even bullied by Triple H as he was thrust into a match with Seth Rollins. Could a face turn be around the corner?

I implore WWE not to kill the tag team division yet. They just broke up the Prime Time Players and Real Americans are next. Sure we still have a good number of teams, but rapid breakups hurt the overall outlook and keeps WWE with a consistency we hate. Random pairs having a timed shelf life. Real Americans were running strong, however you have to acknowledge the sudden surge in popularity for Antonio Cesaro might have something to do with it. Los Matadores… Eh, joke team. The chances of them with the titles are just as good as the Bushwhackers.

Carlos Colon is the latest inductee into the Hall of Fame. I wonder if Primo, Epico, and Carlito get to induct him?

The Andre Memorial battle royal sounds very interesting. It gives a lot of people an easy payday, but I wonder what the significance will be for whomever is scripted to win it. I like the concept, very nostalgic like the old Jim Crockett memorials, but usually those were tournaments.

This week ought to be good. Under a month away now…

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