Album Review: Don Jamieson, ‘Hell Bent for Laughter’


Don Jamieson is a man of simple yet awesome tastes. He loves metal, he loves chicks and he loves a good dick joke.

All of these are discussed at length and quite hilariously on his sophomore live record, Hell Bent for Laughter, recorded at the great comedy club Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey.

Jamieson is known to many as one of the hosts of vh1 Classic’s That Metal Show — simply one of the best television shows out there and a must-see for all lovers for metal and hard rock.


Speaking of metal, fans of the genre will greatly appreciate Hell Bent for Laughter’s opening tracks which are well-timed jokes about the gods of metal from Ozzy to Motley Crue to Judas Priest. One of the best bits in the metal portion of the album is Jamieson’s alternative (and gay themed) song titles for classic Judas Priest cuts.

If you’re not a metal disciple, these jokes might fall flat for you, so give the record a little leeway and allow Jamieson to wander into more topical and sex-based humor because he’s able to deftly blend storytelling with great one-liners and plays on words that touch on everything from home ownership to terrorism to man scaping and his own famed sideburns.

Fans of Jamieson might notice that his delivery and pace on Hell Bent for Laughter is much less caffeinated than his debut record Live & Hilarious. There’s more of a natural ease to this record that only bolsters his comedic style — Jamieson is your best friend, the guy you go out drinking with who loves to tell you about all the sex he’s had and cracks you up with his outlandish jokes. You like Don Jamieson, you could listen to him talk about anything and that’s the mark of a great comic — you care about what they have to say, not how they say them.

Hell Bent for Laughter is a solid live record full of laughs that longtime fans of Jamieson’s stand-up work or those who have just discovered him because of the television should be owning.

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