The WWE-ek: Smackdown Rewind


Smacky Smacky.

SmackDown this week proved to be an odd show. Little follow-up on the Triple H/Daniel Bryan feud, but instead the feuds between The Authority and The Shield continued on while more hype for the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal picked up.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Damien Sandow in a “loser stays a jobber for the next year” match. Just kidding. Ziggler did win though in a good match. These are two guys who have been wrestling each other for the past couple months and have put on solid matches. Shame their careers are anything but solid.

Kane brings out the New Age Outlaws to assist in his vendetta against the Shield. Also helping were 3MB, Rybaxel and The Real Americans. It was a Fatal-Four Way to determine #1 Contenders, but it was all a setup. The Americans and Rybaxel got tag title shots, but 3MB gets to be cannon fodder in the Andre Memorial. Uh, what?

Big E. Langston and Alberto del Rio have a one-on-one match, in which del Rio is successful in picking up the win. The whole show is pretty much having the participants in the Battle Royal go at it, one-on-one. Meh. To add fire, MizTV segment features Big Show, but then Miz brings out a bunch of the other participants, and challenges them to eliminate show. They all fail, including the Miz. Big Show reigns and is hyped to be the favorite to win.

My pick: Mark Henry.

John Cena picked up the main event win over Luke Harper, but the real show stealer was Bray Wyatt with yet another steller promo which sent chills through the spines of everyone watching. Cena plays the “wrestling for the fans” bit, while Bray pulls a “I’m the new savior” card. It works. For weeks prior, Cena built himself as the “guy to beat” for anyone to make a name for himself. Bray, answers the call. Bold move if Bray is going to beat Cena at Mania, and equally as bold if he doesn’t.

Ton of action on RAW, and then SmackDown cooled it off. Let’s not forget how The Undertaker appeared on WWE Main Event and scared the begeezuz out of Paul Heyman. Boy, WWE really wants people to watch Main Event!

Triple H stipulating if he wins against Daniel Bryan, he gets a title shot too. Good stuff. He get so pissed off at everyone, he just throws himself into the mix, “if you want something done right, do it yourself.” I would not be shocked if the WrestleMania 30 main event turns into a Fatal Four Way. I’d pay full price to see that.