The WWE-ek: The Road to Wrestlemania

This is it!

It is time for Pop-Break to unleash its own Road to WrestleMania 30! I am quite confident WWE will not sue one of its former employees for using the cliché. At least, I hope.

The card is set, although I am certain some added matches will be thrown in the final hours, but let us look at a quick rundown of what we do know (as of press time).

The Undercard:
John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt
The Shield vs. Kane and the New Age Outlaws

The Big Matches:
Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker
The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal
Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan

The Championship Matches:
Divas Title Invitational: AJ Lee vs. All The Divas

WWE Tag Team Championship Fatal Four Way: The Usos vs. The Real Americans vs. Los Matadores vs. Curtis Axel & Ryback

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton vs. Batista vs. The Winner of Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan

This is going to be a long night folks. The Battle Royal alone could last 20 to 30 minutes. Triple H and Daniel Bryan could put on an Iron Man for all we know. The question really is, how big are these matches? Are these matches you want at a WrestleMania, or could have this been a main event of SmackDown?

Call me crazy, but I am looking forward to the six-man between The Shield and The Authority foot-soldiers more than the four-way Tag Team Championship match.

I couldn’t care less about the Divas.

Was Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar the best WWE could come up with? Considering it is probably in the contract for Lesnar to have a big match at Mania, then yes. This is the best WWE can come up with.

Daniel Bryan. The wildcard. If events of the past few weeks have not left you clinging to the couch for dear life, I do not know what will.

I do feel WrestleMania 30 will be similar to a decade ago. We have a fatal-four Tag Team Title match. We have a triple threat main event with two veterans and possibly the guy trying to break the glass ceiling. You all remember who won the main event at WrestleMania 20, don’t you? Remember the buildup for it? One name. Chris Benoit. Even the finishing move is the same, ten years later.

This week is it. WWE has to put everything into high gear. Everything. Raw might be the flagship show, but the other shows need to have the big pushes too. Hell, I think Main Event has gotten more starpower than SmackDown in the past couple of weeks. I know Raw is traditionally the real go-home show, but for WrestleMania 30, people will watch SmackDown and WWE better deliver huge.

What would a Road to WrestleMania column be without a focus on one of the matches. Let me start big with John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt.

John Cena has been out of action for some time, and the fact he is nowhere near the main event is the most surprising move from WWE. The guy has been in either a marquee match or a championship bout since WrestleMania 21. That goes back to 2005! He is not even in the Andre Memorial! I am not a Cena fan at all, but yet even I feel to not have the company poster boy in a big featured contest is a bit surprising and a bit lacking. Sure, the internet crowd would have moaned and groaned if he was in the title match, but sometimes getting what you want is not best for business.

However, Bray Wyatt is getting the biggest push of his career by facing Cena at Mania. His promos, his ring presence has been high above expectations. WWE Production gets a big kudos too. They set such a creepy stage for Bray and his family. But of course, the former Husky Harris of NXT is just damn perfect on delivery and the aftershock left following a promo has left an unprecedented feel in the fans. I cannot recall a time where a strange, skin-crawling, bone-chilling, goosebump-inducing promo left me wanting to hear more from the Eater of Worlds. John Cena can cut a good promo when there needs to be more than ass-kissing the crowd. Bray has been the perfect antagonist to force Cena to up his game. Cena CAN wrestle. Remember this. Please. We know Bray is a goddamn devastator in the ring. They will put on a damn good match, and frankly, a win by Bray would be the most impactful event at the show. I kid you not. Daniel Bryan can win the WWE Championship which would be epic-level awesome. But, Bray Wyatt, defeating John Cena, and I hope to Primus almighty it would be a clean win too.

Speaking of whom, we still do not know what is in store for Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. I would have hope they be included in the Tag Team Fatal-Four Way, but perhaps entry into the Andre Memorial might be more appropriate for two beasts like them.

So, Bray Wyatt versus John Cena. The preaching cult-empowering cerebral manipulator up against the self-appointed superhero and role model of the WWE Universe. Yes folks, I want to see these two tear the arena down. They will.

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