The Road to Wrestlemania: Tag Title 4-Way & The Shield vs. New Age Outlaws & Kane

I got two words for ya…

… Tag Teams!

Four teams will have the shot to walk away as the WWE World Tag Team Champions. The reigning champs, The Usos are enjoying a long awaited run with the straps, but they have some stiff competition, all of whom are deserving champions, and then you have Los Matadores. More on them later. When the Usos won the titles, it was as if finally, they got their break. Having the New Age Outlaws serve as transitional champions was an odd, yet rational idea. No main roster team had to suffer with the label, because frankly, the run of the NAO served more for surprise and nostalgia. Defeating The Rhodes Brothers and dropping to the Usos fit the bill nicely. The Usos are super-talented and they have been a major fan favorite team for the better part of the year. Going in with the championships is great, coming out will be even greater.

Los Matadores. Honestly, these guys are the Bushwhackers of the era. Everyone knows who is under the masks, Primo and Epico Colon. Maybe there will be a blunder during the Hall of Fame Ceremony when Carlos Colon Sr. is being inducted. I would prefer to see Luke Harper and Erick Rowan of The Wyatt Family be in the match instead.

The Real Americans, Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro are another team looking out for gold. Yet another team deserving of gold. However, Swagger continues to see nothing but burial dirt while Cesaro is slowly being pushed for the main event spotlight. Past few weeks have teased dissention in the ranks, but storyline-wise, Ol’ Uncle Zeb has mended the wounds and our good ol’ boys are back on the same page. Both guys are really talented, but WWE just does not have the room to give both a singles push. Swagger had his chance last year, and blew it in a major way. Remember, the whole being arrested thing? Sure ruined his chances at WrestleMania 29. This year could see redemption. Could The Real Americans capture long-awaited and deserved gold? Possible.

Ryback and Curtis Axel have less to zero chance of winning the titles. If they do, I will be shocked. They remind me of the Buff Bagwell/Scott Norton team-up from WCW. Except Axel and Ryback suck worse. I have nothing more to add, except fatal-four way tag matches can get exciting very quickly.

Another major tag team bout will see The Shield go up against the expansion of the Authority in Corporate Kane and the New Age Outlaws. This match looks like it will be better than the championship match. I expect the four-way to be a dizzying flying-fest, while this six-man will be an all-out war. Kane and the Outlaws (good ring to it, right?) are an old timer sort of team who still has gas in the tank, going up against some fresh blood who WWE cannot seem to decide on whether to keep them unified or split them up in favor of singles competition. The Corporate Kane gimmick got stale very fast. I expected great verbal promos channeling his inner politician, but instead we get lamely scripted stuff which even the Brooklyn Brawler would not read. Billy Gunn and Road Dogg still have what it takes to compete, and we have seen this proven. A WrestleMania match at WM30 seems like the right setting for the Outlaws to ride off into the sunset.

Seth Rollins has turned into the microphone man of the trio, Roman Reigns has shifted back into place as the big brute, while it is no longer clear what role Dean Ambrose has in the stable. He was the leader, the mouthpiece, but since the numerous teasing of splits, then the war with the Wyatt Family, it seems there is no leader right now, but still remains to be seen where Ambrose falls in, unless he is the crazy solider who keeps fighting on. I would like to see The Shield triumphant as some sort of passing-the-torch deal. All three are very talented, and if booked correctly, could have long careers. The obvious concern is surviving an already overcrowded roster. Believe in the Shield.

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