Trailer Tuesday (on a Friday): Game of Thrones, Season 4

Written by Bill Bodkin and Logan J. Fowler



Plot: The War of the Five Kings is drawing to a close, but new intrigues and plots are in motion, and the surviving factions must contend with enemies not only outside their ranks, but within. For a more detailed breakdown, click here.

Cast: Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Jack Gleeson, Kristian Nairn, Pedro Pascal (new cast member), Lena Headey, Maisie Williams, Emilia Clarke, Iain Glen, Kit Harington, Sophie Turner, Alfie Allen, Aidan Gillen, Charles Dance, Jerome Flynn, John Bradley, Conleth Hill and many, many more.

Pre-Trailer Thoughts: Game of Thrones is coming back and I’m there without hesitation. I will gladly have my heart ripped out by character deaths on this spectacular show. –LJF

Pre-Trailer Thoughts: This trailer could be a 30 second montage of Tyrion Lannister tap dancing and I’d be over the moon excited for this show. Actually, that’d be pretty amazing. –BB

Rate the Trailer (1-5): Five out of Five. I’ve only watched the first trailer for the upcoming season so whatever trailers have come out since then/is being posted here have not been viewed by my eyes. All the better, since I want to know the least about this season as possible. Anyway, the first trailer is perfectly cut and that’s really all I need. –LJF

Rate the Trailer: Five out of Five. Every trailer GoT has unleashed has been equally amazing. The inclusion of the White Walker astride a horse in one of these trailers blew my mind. The intrigue and suspense built into the DNA of every one of these trailers is outstanding. It’s also got me wondering how the season will treat The Mother Dragons and Tyrion the most. Will our favorite Khaleesi be consumed and corrupted by her new power? Will Tyrion meet his maker this season. I didn’t read the books, so don’t spoil it!! –BB

Watch Live, DVR, Skip, undecided? Watch live. I very recently binged watched all of Game of Thrones and finished right around the initial Season 4 trailer premiered. It almost seemed like fate. In any case, yes, Sunday is a night that can’t come soon enough and I will be waiting with bated breath the return of this program. That’s all that needs to be said. –LJF

Watch Live, DVR, Skip, undecided? Watch live. Like Logan, I binged GoT Seasons 1 and 2 and was glued to my television every week for Season 3. In fact, I got HBO just so I could see the series unfold before my eyes. –BB

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