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Interview: The Colourist

Written by Al Mannarino


Last summer, a few friends and I went to the Santos Party House in New York to see this new band that had an incredibly catchy first single. We were running late to the show, but thankfully we arrived before the show started. We were really excited to see the band up until the opening band started to play. To our surprise the opening act was better then the band we went to see.

They weren’t just better; they were unlike anything that we were listening to at the time. Their sound was cool, catchy, and incredibly unique. We met them after the show and stayed in contact. We ended up seeing them two more times as a supporting act until last month when they became the headliners for the first time.

The Colourist formed in Orange County, CA by Adam Castilla (vocals, guitar), Maya Tuttle (drums, vocals), Kollin Johannsen (guitar, bass), and Justin Wagner (bass, keys). Since they began in 2009 they have toured with some of the biggest names in alternative music such as Grouplove, Atlas Genius, and Metric. After an incredibly successful tour with Panic! at the Disco, and the release of their debut album, The Colourist have just begun their first headlining U.S. tour.

After playing two sold out shows in New York, I was able to talk with them about their first solo tour, bringing a piece of Southern California on stage every night, and ghost hunting.

Al Mannarino
Al Mannarinohttp://alfredmannarino.com
Al Mannarino is the Managing Editor and Staff photographer for The Pop Break. He graduated Rowan University with a degree in Radio/TV/Film & History. When he isn’t writing he is either trying to build his own TARDIS or taking a nap. Follow him on Twitter: @almannarino.

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