Album Review: Christina Perri, ‘Head or Heart’

Written by Kayla Peters


You may remember Christina Perri as the diminutive inked up pop star who burst onto the scene three years ago with her powerful love ballad “A Thousand Years” from the Twilight: Breaking Dawn soundtrack. Well, think of her as more than just the woman who scored Edward and Bella’s love, as she’s returned with a brand new record, Head or Heart, which shows off a much more thoughtful and lyric side of the singer.

This is a very strong sophomore record for the Philly native. She strays away from her usual poppy love song formula and moves towards more emotional and thought-provoking songs. Her sound has developed greatly since her first album. Her voice goes with her music choices perfectly and the whole album fits together so lovely. Each song flows into the next one very wonderfully.

The best track on the album is Perri’s duet with U.K. pop singer/songwriter, Ed Sheeran on the track “Be My Forever.” The lyrics go back to Perri’s love song roots with a more mature sound. Perri and Sheeran’s voices sound so well together — it’s amazing.

“You’re my bright blue sky.
You’re the sun in my eyes.
Oh, baby you’re my life.
You’re the reason why.”

All in all, Head or Heart is a solid pop record that has some definite hits on it. This is a strong sophomore album that proves Christina Perri is more than just “that girl from the Twilight soundtrack” and should take her very far. It’s also a record that has me excited to hear the music that will come from Perri in the future.

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