The WWE-ek: A Bizarre Week


Has this been a bizarre week in wrestling or what?

The undefeated WrestleMania winning streak of The Undertaker is over.

Daniel Bryan won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and gets married to Brie Bella.

Antonio Cesaro is a Paul Heyman guy.

Sting signs with WWE.

Jeff Jarrett launches his new promotion, Global Force Wrestling.

The Ultimate Warrior passes away. Very sad, but still weirded out. Appears at the 2014 Hall of Fame, delivers a speech. Shows up at ‘Mania. Then on RAW gives a speech about how the fans have made the legacy of The Ultimate Warrior immortal. One night later, he passes. It is shocking.

Earlier this week we covered out thoughts and feelings about the passing of the Ultimate Warrior, the end of the Streak, WrestleMania 30, and this past Monday Night RAW. So off to SmackDown we go. Cesaro defeated Big Show by DQ when Jack Swagger assaulted him. However, Cesaro did recover and impressed the crowd with a huge Neutralizer on the giant. RVD returned to SmackDown action, and delivered yet ANOTHER loss to Damien Sandow. Seriously, what the hell? Twice in one week? On the plus side, Bad News Barrett continues his winning streak with a victory over some jobber named Kofi Kingston. Randy Orton and Batista continue to work together with Kane, shockingly, but still lose to Daniel Bryan and The Usos, with some help from The Shield, or The Hounds.

Need some consistency here Mr. WWE. Are they “Shield” or are we trying to slowly alter the moniker to “Hounds.” Pick one. Commentators can’t seem to do it and neither can your writers for

Cesaro is getting a huge push. His feud with Swagger will likely end at the next pay-per-view, and then Cesaro who will be big money in WWE, can bank on climbing up the ladder this summer. See what I did there? Yes, you did see what I did there. I am calling it right now, Antonio Cesaro will be Mr. Money in the Bank 2014.

In MAJOR news, Fandango and Summer Rae have parted ways. It was on the cover of US Weekly.

Okay, now for the news not yet covered. Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith have their promotion up and running. Jarrett promises the organization will have a huge roster and run events all over the world. Very interesting, very NWA-like. It is clear he plans to outclass Impact Wrestling and become the number two wrestling promotion. It is clear TNA/Impact/Whatever is running low on gas and Dixie Carter is ignoring all the exit signs for the fuel stations. While Carter is bleeding money from her wrestling-whathaveyou, Jarrett is set to unleash a major promotion. Hopefully this is not an extended April Fools gag.

Sting singing with WWE. Big news, right? So far WWE has said little-to-nothing about it, instead highlighting a column about “Shocked Undertaker Guy” meeting Triple H. [Editor’s Note: According to various news sites, Sting’s contract is agreed upon in principle, it has not officially signed]. Could Sting wrestle? Who knows, frankly, who cares? This likely means an induction into the 2015 Hall of Fame, possible video deals, and perhaps a few appearances on television. Sting is an old dude, and judging on his mediocre (at best) performances in TNA, I think staying away from the ring might be a worthwhile idea to consider. It will mean yet another impossible moment is now possible. Sting was one of the few who never, ever, competed for WWE in his entire career. Even Samoa Joe had one match in WWE. But no, Sting has been wrestling since the 80s, and not once set foot in a McMahon-owned ring. This could be big. Or could be nothing at all.

If this week is any indication, I MUST use a tired and old cliché from good ol’ Jim Ross

… Business, is about to pick up.

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