Album Review: Emmure, ‘Eternal Enemies’

Written by Kayla Peters


Emmure is not for everyone.

Their sound isn’t going to be hitting mainstream rock radio anytime soon or given the mainstream press a less harder edged band would receive. Yet, with the release of their seventh record and their recent addition to numerous outdoor summer musical festivals, there’s no denying Emmure is a band on the rise.

Emmure’s heavy guitar riffs and angry, throat-shredding vocals are not compatible for most people’s musical tastes. The lyrics display the band’s complete and total anger for the entire human race. These lyrics are blatantly, unflinchingly honest and it would make most shudder to hear them.


From a personal standpoint, the new record from Emmure didn’t connect with me. Lyrically this didn’t speak to me and musically, this was way, way too heavy for my tastes.

Yet, there is a definite audience for this band. You don’t get signed to Victory Records if people don’t care about you.

Eternal Enemies is one of those albums that is definitely not for everyone, but the people who do like it feel comforted by the lyrics. The lyrics can help people feel less alone, especially teens who have troubles at home or at school. The guitar goes very well with the angry vocals, the roaring loudness of the guitar does not over power the vocals. I do have a difficult time hearing the drums on this record, the guitar and vocals drown it out.

Emmure will definitely get even more popular with the teenagers and adolescents in America. They are a very honest and true band that have lyrics capture real issues that the youth of America are truly dealing with today. No kid wants to feel alone and Emmure’s music is a comforting presence, it’s music that they can relate to and know they are truly no alone in this world. Emmure is not a band I would normally listen to, but I expect to see even more out of Emmure in the near future.

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