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Review: Bad Teacher, Series Premiere


I think we can all agree that Bad Teacher the movie sounded like a terrible idea, looked terrible, and we all felt extra terrible about ourselves the day we went to see it. But every woman in the world saw it because it is literally impossible for ALL WOMENZ to not go see a Justin Timberlake movie. And that is a cold, hard fact. (Source: This N’SYNC concert booklet I have from 1999).

In actuality the movie itself was not that terrible. I’m not saying it was award winning or anything, but it was cute and mildly funny. But still… it’s a truly, wildly terrible concept that just sounds stupid and there is no way around the fact that it is stupid. I mean, come on. A teacher who doesn’t give a shit? That’s a one-joke pony if i ever heard one. It’s hard to believe anyone could see that fleshing out into a TV series.


And yet… they did. Leave it to CBS, am I right? I am… so conflicted about this show. BECAUSE THE CAST IS SO GOOD. I want to watch it every week just to see Ari Graynor and Ryan Hansen hate-flirt with each other. I am seriously so blinded by my love and affection for Ari Graynor and Ryan Hansen (both intensely talented, way more so than their movie counterparts Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel*) that I have almost no perspective on whether or not i actually liked the episode.

*While I enjoy Cameron Diaz, and i think Jason Segel is the bee’s knees, Ari Graynor and Ryan Hansen are simply on another level. Sorry not sorry.

Which probably means the pilot was terrible. Yes, i will make that claim now. I laughed a few times, but it had nothing to do with the script and everything to do with the actors’ incredible performances. This cast, which also includes Kristin Davis, David Alan Grier, and Sara Gilbert, is perfect.

As with most comedies, it’s really hard to tell from the pilot whether or not it’s going to be good. The script could definitely use some tightening. However, it’s on CBS and I’m 95% sure there was no laugh track, which in itself is a victory.

But I think the real, nitty gritty question here is whether or not I would turn off Grey’s Anatomy to watch Bad Teacher. And the answer is no, nope, not ever.

So there you have it folks. Bad Teacher has Ari Graynor and Ryan Hansen, two of my favorite actors on the planet. But it’s no Grey’s Anatomy. You’re welcome.




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