The WWE-ek: He’s Baaaack


I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Thanks to Bill for covering while I was off, but it is time to get back to it and WHAT THE HELL DID I MISS!?!?

Evolution is back, we all saw that coming, suddenly Batista and Randy Orton seem relevant again. This is where they belong, not alone trying to force the notion they are individual main eventers but can main event as a unit. Pairing up with The Game once more is a good move and the feud with The Shield is the right ticket for everyone. Triple H is back in business and will step into the ring one more time at Extreme Rules. He has not lost a step. Over to their opponents, Rollins, Reigns, and Ambrose have nothing to lose and all to gain. Just being able to step up against Evolution shows WWE has 100% faith in all three Hounds of Justice to be future main eventers. Aptly put by Bill, their promo Monday night was picture perfect, and the added twist of the heel members of the locker room coming to aid Evolution was awesome. You always expect the good guys to come out, not this time!

Oh, and Monday Night, Ric Flair may show is face. This could get interesting. Will he be with Evolution… or against?

Daniel Bryan vs. Kane has been set for Extreme Rules, the added bonus of being a Championship match does nothing for me. Unless Kane wins by DQ or Count-Out, I have a hard time seeing Kane being put over and dethroning the freshly crowned champion. Bryan is on a roll, and in order to remain in said roll, he must be booked to win and win strong. There have been quite a few years where after the “big WrestleMania win” the following fades, and WWE must do what it can to prevent it. Bryan has been built up for a year, don’t tear him down yet.

Weird things have been happening, suddenly Hornswoggle is a member of 3MB and having matches with El Torito. The hell?

Even weirder, but had me rolling with laughter, the fans turning heel and burying John Cena by pitting him against all three members of the Wyatt Family. At least it is what WWE wants you to think. Because they NEVER rig voting. Right? RIGHT? In any case, Wyatt has become beloved by fans with his eerie demeanor, crazed-cult, and of course, sing-a-longs. Everyone loves sing-a-longs. Wyatt is not turning face by any means, but it at least appears the WWE fans are sending a message about wanting to see Cena destroyed on live television.

Speaking of odd booking, Cesaro is paired with the sinister Paul Heyman, but crowds erupt when the King of Swing enters the ring. Heyman gets booed at the mere hint of Brock Lesnar, but when Cesaro steps up, the fans go ga-ga for him. It is so great to see how easily Heyman can weave the crowd. Wade Barrett, and yes, I fucking love this man, is now getting the cheers and rightful attention he deserves. Because HE’S GOT SOME BAD NEWS! Damn his gimmick his awesome. Yes, I cried when I missed out watching Dolph Ziggler vs. Wade Barrett battle it out for my affection. Damn you Passover. Sadly Ziggler lost, and I do feel for the guy, but clearly Barrett’s dedication to me was the added edge he needed to win.

The point is… Fans LOVE the heels! You know, that is a great thing. This is not the first time either, it shows and proves fans can be invested in all characters and not just focused on who “the hero” is supposed to be. Is it because of the internet and influence of social media? Probably, but what is wrong with adoring someone who is perceived to have better talent than the guy the company wants you to like? I am not saying guys like Cena, Orton, or Batista are not talented, but these guys feel out-of-touch compared to The Shield, Cesaro, Barrett, Sandow, Ziggler, and even Sheamus.

I enjoyed Bill’s look at TNA/Impact/Dixieland and Jeff Jarrett building his Global Force Wrestling. With all the major talent TNA has disrespectfully discarded it will not shock me if GFW easily destroys what remains of TNA. It seems Jarrett is thinking big, and perhaps he may pull it off. But right now, all I see are photos of his wife in tight dresses, so I wonder what ol’ Double J is thinking in regards to promotion. Signed photos of himself and Karen? I do not think that is going to work.

In any case, I vanish for two weeks and the world of wrestling continues to complete cause fans to lose their minds. I love it!

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