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TV Recap: Playing House, Series Premiere

Playing House

In Spring 2012 there was a mid-season replacement show called Best Friends Forever. It was created by Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair and starred Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Claire. I don’t remember what channel it was on and I’m not even sure it lasted more than seven episodes, but I do remember that I loved and I craved more. Screw things getting cancelled too early, Best Friends Forever got cancelled when it was already great. Why do we live in such a cruel, cruel world?? [Editorial Note: Best Friends Forever aired on NBC and had a six-episode run.]

Photo Credit: Andrew Eccles/USA Network
Photo Credit: Andrew Eccles/USA Network

So when I found out that Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair were creating and starring in a brand new show, I was super psyched! And you should be, too.

Playing House is a very similar premise to Best Friends Forever except there’s a baby involved. In the first episode, Jessica (because it will take me several episodes to learn their character names) comes back to their small home town where everyone knows everyone’s business for Lennon’s baby shower. Jessica has become a successful businesswoman in China – this part of the plot was a little thin because her life in China seemed like HELL. What’s the point of having money if all you do is work like a dog and have no one to speak English to?

Having been away for quite some time, Jessica catches up with a few people in town. The first is Lennon’s brother Zach, played by MY FAVORITE, Zach Woods from The Office. I cannot look at Zach Wood’s face without bursting out into laughter – he is seriously just that funny. Anyway, Zach plays Zach, the incredibly metrosexual event planner. Uh. It’s wonderful I already want to watch this every week.

Next is Mark, played by, that’s right folks, Keegan-Michael Key of Key and Peele. THIS IS A COMEDIC CAST, MY READERS. Mark is Jessica’s old flame who she lost her virginity to. I’m SO JELLY. Aren’t you jelly?? Anywho, Mark is a cop and he has a wife. I predict a lot of conflict and sexual tension here in the future. Hooray!

Photo Credit: Evans Vestal Ward/USA Network
Photo Credit: Evans Vestal Ward/USA Network

Anywho, during Lennon’s baby shower, after an unfortunate wireless connection mishap, the entire shower gets to watch Lennon’s husband Skype with MunichMuncher69 as they erotically put things up their butts for each other. So… naturally Jessica decides China is THE WORST (sorry China) and she stays to help Lennon raise the baby!

Yeah… the plot is kind of silly. But Lennon and Jessica are great comediennes who are BFF IRL, and it shows. Their rapport is flawless, and I have been DYING for these two to create and star in another TV show. I strongly suggest tuning into this one. The cast is great and the comedy will only get even better with time!



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