TV Review: NXT Takeover

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

Adam Rose defeated Camacho. I honestly forgot Camacho had a job. Then again, it is equally surprising JTG is still employed, as evidenced here. Besides that, pretty standard good guy vs. bad guy match. Rose is the guy to get the crowd loud and Camacho tries to be the buzzkiller. Well, Rose wins by Party Foul.

El Local (Ricardo Rodriguez) and Kalisto took on the Ascension and quick were devoured by the dark forces which command Konnor and Viktor. These guys are brutal, and they showed it. However, it really looked more like Ascension were just rotating teeing off on the challengers for the NXT Tag Team Championships. Remember those random jobber pairings in the early 90’s? Jim Powers and Jim Brunzell? Tito Santana and Virgil? Iron Mike Sharpe and Duane Gill? Well, this was no different. The masked luchadores were trounced with little offensive. William Regal said it best on commentary, putting down the challengers and hinting that the tag team ranks in NXT are a bit lacking. Very interesting to hear from Regal. Refreshing.

Speaking of Main Roster folks, this match featured someone who may be heading there soon. Sami Zayn. Not putting down his opponent Tyler Breeze at all, but Zyan is Daniel Bryan during his Ring of Honor days. Incredibly fresh and has the stamina of both CM Punk and Bryan together. The guy can fly, take to the mat, and best of all, he can get the crowd behind him in a snap. Breeze is an incredible antagonist, showing arrogance while performing incredibly fast moves on the mat. Reminds me of Rick Martel. He would hit you with a Suplex, and just flash a cocky smile at you while doing it. Alberto del Rio used to do that in his early days as well. Great match with a very controversial finish. Zayn went for the Helluva Kick but Breeze got the arms up and appeared to bash Zyan in the groin. Breeze hit the Beauty Mark for the win. AWESOME match. This is what NXT is about.

Mojo Rawley charged the ring like a madman, but then was crushed by Alexander Rusev. Poor Rawley, I don’t think anyone likes him.

Up next is a match which put EVERY SINGLE DAMN WWE DIVA MATCH TO SHAME. Natalya with Bret Hart in her corner and Charlotte with Ric Flair in hers. Wow. This match felt like a main event. Incredible A few slow spots were bound to happen, but these ladies just showed why John Cena vs. Randy Orton should have been pay-per-view pre-show matches. Damn it, Natalya and Charlotte put on a match like it was Trish Stratus vs. Victoria or Molly Holly vs. Ivory. They exude a classic mat feel to their match. I started thinking of Bret Hart vs. British Bulldog with the level of mat-based technical talent being showcased here. Charlotte wins after countering the Sharpshooter and hit the Bow Down to the Queen for the victory, and the NXT Divas Title. Shorten the finisher name and we are solid. Bret Hart and Ric Flair embraced their prodigies in the ring, and Flair was bawling. Really emotional, you could tell everyone was proud.

Adrian Neville retained the NXT Championship against Tyson Kidd. Now, I will get this out of the way first. The only thing which took away from the match, is knowing there was no ay Kidd was walking away with the title. Despite that, the match was damn incredible. It seems NXT might be Tyson’s new home, he fits right in with the high-impact style of wrestling which WWE has been grooming in their minor league. This is stuff once seen in ROH and ECW. The absolute arsenal shown in this huge match was incredible. Constant, back and forth, never a clear dominator. A lot of high-impact moves, and seeing Neville put Kidd away with the Red Arrow is a work of art. I give both men credit here, Neville is a 100% lock for future Main Roster main event star. Tyson Kidd, too, but for whatever reason, he gets the useless Cruiserweight treatment.

Tyson Kidd is exactly what CM Punk had labeled him, a workhorse. The guy busts his ass and puts on the match of a lifetime, even when he has to do the job. I often wonder what it is which holds a guy like Tyson Kidd back, but yet Sin Cara gets time on Raw week after week.

Mysteries abound!

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