The WWE-ek: The Rollins Effect


“God save the Queeeeeennn…”

Still rebounding from the “shocking” turn of events? Of course I refer to Seth Rollins. Before we get to the giant pink elephant in the room. Let’s breathe and take a look at some other guys undergoing some creative change.

BOOM! Crowd erupts as the pyro goes off and we have my man, my brother, my liege, Wade “Bad News” Barrett. Yes, I called him my liege. Well, should he be in the upcoming Money in the Bank match, we all might be calling him WWE Champion. Do not forget, the MITB match might not be for the opportunity to challenge for the title, but could be for the WWE Championship itself! What better way to crowd a new champion, than to have someone who has been so close to ascending before, but now thanks to a great gimmick, and goddamn it, the time for ascension is now. When his music cuts, and he has a mic on hand the live audience is ready to hear Barrett ask for some decorum and proclaim “I’m afraid I’ve got some BAD NEWS” and you have to imagine it with his accent, which I believe is a big part of it. I even have my speech therapist of a wife helping me perfect my accent. How could you not love hearing the dueling chants of BNB vs. RVD this past week? Speaking of the latter, Rob Van Dam doesn’t seem to like getting booed. Don’t pull a Batista, son. Anyway, Bad News Barrett is on the rise, and what better way to cap it off with a Money in the Bank victory!

Did I say it was time for The Ascension? Hm…

Let’s talk possible contender in Cesaro. What the hell is he doing? Who in their goddamn right mind told him to walk down to the ring like a broken Transformer. You see this? He holds his shoulders up, and his arms do not move. It looks like his upper body is stuck and he cannot walk properly. Then he becomes a coward, walking out on matches. Thankfully he still gets to show off why he is nicknames the “Swiss Strongman” because he throws his opponents around with Suplex after Suplex. Paul Heyman with Cesaro is great, because Heyman is money. Except for Curtis Axel. Not even Heyman could save him. Speaking of whom, Axel is doing fine with Ryback. Hanging out in mid-card tag team-land, causing no trouble, just cruising along. Back to Cesaro. The King of Swing has been having a relatively quiet run right now, but keep in mind Money in the Bank is nearing. This could be his big opportunity and to watch Paul Heyman squeal with glee at a MITB win would be colossal.

Did anyone expect Seth Rollins to be the “architect” of the Shield faction coming to an end? He is an “architect” after all. Right? Is it just me, or does the moniker, “The Architect” just sound strange? Sure, he could be the “Architect of Doom” or the “Architect of Wrestling” or the “Cerebral Architect” since he has recently paired off with the “Cerebral Assassin” in Triple H? Sorry, my father has been an architect for about 30+ years so unless Mr. Rollins decides to come into his office, sit down at a board, and start designing plans for housing or business, then he is not a real architect. Just saying.

But the real news is not his moniker, but once again how WWE decided to suddenly destroy the Shield. In the recent past, factions have not installed new membership. Instead, they split, maybe tag for a while, but we all know it is over. The Era of the Shield is over. Sad. They had an amazing run after all. Over a year ago, WWE was invaded by this notorious faction who came in and started mowing down everyone in their path. From Ryback to Randy Orton, even to the Undertaker. Seth Rollins, many should recall was the first NXT Champion, and was the famous Tyler Black in Ring of Honor. Dean Ambrose, was better known as Jon Moxley on the independent circuit, racking up championships in the Heartland Wrestling Association (HWA), Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), and Dragon Gate USA. Ambrose quickly won the United States Championship, holding it for 351 days. Roman Reigns, the big man of the group was originally a football player, but thanks in-part to his family heritage, being called to WWE was only a matter of time. Reigns is a powerhouse and will likely continue to be one in the ring, but like Ambrose, we wonder what direction WWE Creative has in mind for them now.

We know Seth is on the main event path, should he remain with Triple H and Randy Orton. Should he strike out on his own, I question whether he will remain main event through the rest of the year. Will Ambrose and Reigns feud with Rollins and Randy Orton? Will there be new factions in development? It is hard to say what will happen next, and based on this week’s edition of SmackDown, we got very little answers as to why it all went down, and very little clue as to where this is headed. As Bill and I addressed earlier this week, the sudden turn of Rollins, while likely to have a positive impact in the long-term, I see little impact in the present. Look, there is no surprise when I say all teams and factions come to an end. WWE is known for splitting teams and groups, whether it is within one year or five years. It will happen. Creative changes happen. But really, what was the reason for Seth Rollins? If it was Reigns, the fans would have rioted. If it was Ambrose, it would have been “well, who ELSE would have done it?” But with Rollins, it came across as “HUH?” Until explanations are given, which just means WWE Creative has not come up with one, we are left to explore our own imaginations.

Daniel Bryan is in major limbo. Various dirt sheets are reporting his recovery time may be longer than WWE had expected, which explains why Stephanie would announce the Money in the Bank match might be for the title itself. Could make things very interesting should that happen. I would not be surprised if a sudden shift in planned participants took place. Although it was a bit upsetting to see Dolph Ziggler eliminated from being a participant in the match, but it was by Alberto del Rio, someone who I believe always deserves a marquee position whenever possible. But like Ziggler, if the match becomes a championship one, I would start expecting the likes of Rob Van Dam, Rollins, Orton, Cena, and even Bray Wyatt to take precedence over breakout stars like Dean Ambrose, Titus O’Neal, Damien Sandow, Wade Barrett, Alexander Rusev, and dare I say it, Adam Rose. It is still early yet, and Daniel Bryan remains active on WWE programming. Hopefully nothing will cause further setbacks. Go talk to Edge about that.

“Cerebral Architect”

I like it.

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