TV Recap: Royal Pains, ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ (Season 6 Premiere)

Written by Asia Martin


The MacGuyver of Hampton physicians returned last night with the season premiere of Royal Pains. We left last season with Hank Med undergoing an organizational change; Hank (Mark Feuerstein) leaving to be Boris’(played by Campbell Scott) live-in physician all over the world after appointing Jeremiah (Ben Shenkman) to lead the practice in his indefinite absence and then Divya (Reshma Shetty) dealing with a broken heart and a baby on the way.

The episode opens up with Divya’s father (Ajay Mehta) throwing a puja (a Hindu-based celebration) for his three-month-old grand-daughter daughter named Sashi, Divya and Jeremiah still dancing around their obvious affection for each other and then Evan is still coping with his older brother being away from him and the family business.

Photo Credit: Giovanni Rufino/USA Network
Photo Credit: Giovanni Rufino/USA Network

In the midst of the puja carrying on we get flashbacks of what we missed in the interim of the last season and the start of this one. Divya is in her last trimester and Evan’s attempts to keep Hank back in Hank Med.

The first flashback is of the Hank Med team brainstorming how to move on without Hank, which Evan refutes, until Divya gets her first contraction sending the team rushing her to the hospital. Divya gets there to find out that it was a false alarm and the baby hadn’t breached yet. When we flash forward we find out that Divya’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her child, Rafa (Khotan), will not be joining the celebration but has alerted her that one of his stalkers is in the Hamptons. Right after finding out, Jeremiah walks-in on a woman named Emma (played by Willa Fitzgerald) who claims to be a friend of Divya and he escorts her into the party.

In the next flashback, the group is at Hank Med headquarters together when Hank arrives under the assumption that Divya is in labor and, of course, quickly figures out that it was a false alarm. Evan neglected to mention that part and covers it up by giving Hank a new patient right away, a musician who may have Huntington’s disease. As Hank works with the musician to get well, Divya gets his band to play at a local Valentine’s Day party where we get a guest appearance of Bethenny Frankel of Real Housewives of New York fame and the former daytime talk show Bethenny.

Photo Credit: Giovanni Rufino/USA Network
Photo Credit: Giovanni Rufino/USA Network

As the episode goes in between the past and the present, Hank begins missing his family, friends and clients to the point he denies Borris’ request for immediate medical assistance when Divya finally goes into labor. That is a big deal considering that in the flash forward we find out that Borris’s terminal illness is progressing and he is losing bone density. By the end of the episode, the musician turns out not to have Huntington’s disease but Moyamoya – man, the Hamptons has the most disease ridden population on TV!

While the puja whines down, the group discovers that Emma is not a friend of Divya or anyone else there leaving everyone to think that Emma is the stalker and Divya has her security guards escort away from the party. Moments later, Rafa updates Divya that the stalker was caught away from the Hamptons and Divya tracks down Emma to find out why she was really at the party. Emma says she was there to meet her father who is a Lawson. As TV land has it, we will find out which Lawson man Emma is the daughter of in the next episode.

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  1. So, when did Divya reunite with her parents and I thought Boris didn’t have a terminal illness after all, but that someone was poisoning him? Thanks.

  2. I thought Divya’s mother left her husband, went to France and ended up getting engaged to a younger and wealthy Frenchman. I remember an episode in season 5 when Divya went to France in search for her mother and wound up at her mother’s engagement celebration.

    It sure looks as if Divya’s parents are back together in the season 6 premier. I’m confused. Can anyone clarify? Thanks.

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