Album Review: Stars in Stereo, ‘Leave Your Mark’

Written by Kayla Peters


Stars in Stereo, has come a long, long way since their formation in 2011. Then known as “that band” with Dr. Phil’s son in it (Jordan McGraw is the band’s guitarist), Stars in Stereo has evolved into one of the most awesome bands in the scene today. They’ve become a personal favorite of mine because of their unique sound.  After touring with the likes of Black Veil Brides, The Used, Bullet for My Valentine and Foxy Shazam and amassing a new fan base, my anticipation for their new album was nearly uncontainable.

My hopes and, honestly, my fears about their new record, were calmed when I pushed play on their new album Leave Your Mark. The album is easily one of my favorite records of 2014.

The band’s sound is leaning more towards a heavy metal edge and it’s a sound they should stick with. Their new sonic nature suits them well and they play this style of metal with fire and excitement. This is a massive relief, because how many bands have we seen change up their sound a bit and it totally effects their performance? Luckily, the new sonic direction of Stars in Stereo doesn’t effect the cohesion of the band as a performing unit — they’re still as tight as ever.


Bec Hollcraft’s vocals are wonderful. Her voice has grown so much since the debut. On Leave Your Mark, Hollcraft’s voice is just sounds angrier than ever — like she is almost growling, but strangely, in a melodic sorta way. For example, the title track “Leave Your Mark” is so brutal and so angry you feel like Hollcraft is just screaming at the people who’ve done her wrong. Her vocals really bolster the new, heavy direction the band is going in.

The lyrics on the album are absolutely amazing. Trying to pick out just one set to show how amazing they are is nearly impossible.  But, twist my arm, and the choice would have to be the following from “Firestarter”

“I would rather be the one to blame then bite my tongue and fall again. You’re never going to put me out before I say. This time I’ll make you hear me. This time because I’m burning.”

Leave Your Mark is an amazing album that I loved from the beginning to the end. Each song has so much emotion and power in it that makes it so beautiful. I love this album and will definitely advise everyone to give it a listen. I’m so excited for audiences to experience Leave Your Mark and I cannot wait to see what else Stars In Stereo will bring me. They never disappoint. 

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