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Welcome to the second season of Defiance the television/video-game. We last left our heroes in peril as Irisa seemingly falls into some sort of mystical pit in order to give her life to revive Nolan. The town is in the midst of an uprising as human and Votans are no longer able to coexist and the Earth Republic stands to capitalize on the town chaos.

The show begins jumping ahead nine months. Well, for the past few weeks, SyFy has posted mini-sodes on their website showing the revived Nolan on his search for Irisa. After falling captive to a Votan religious nut and some rather unscrupulous fellows, he finds some clues as to where she might be. Additionally, we finally learn how Irisa and Nolan came to find each other in the first place.

Photo Credit: Joe Pugliese/Syfy
Photo Credit: Joe Pugliese/Syfy

During this time, we hear a rather shallow speech from Mayor Pottinger, played by Jim Murray a popular British actor, is a pompous ass who plays the “I’m your savior” but is merely a government crony. We are also surprised by the appearance of famed actor William Atherton (Die Hard, Ghostbusters), as Viceroy Mercado, a mysterious politician with an agenda. One of which is knocking the new Mayor down a few pegs, reminding him who he answers to. Now, what SyFy series wouldn’t start with a bang? Grant Bowler continues his starring role as the gruff Joshua Nolan, who kills a villain from season one, Daigo, a religious nut who abused Irisa, with the Votan’s wife watching.

Tony Curran and Jamie Murray return as Datak and Stahma Tarr, the once prestigious family now reduced to a criminal life due to Datak committing murder at the end of season one. Stahma still shows she is smarter than everyone thinks, while Datak enjoys a handjob from her in prison. I am not making that up. They continue her tradition of being a sexpot who has a tad too much fun alone in the bath. This is noticed by her son Alak Tarr (Jesse Rath), who has taken over the family business and continues the criminal schemes of his father. However, we are shown how he lacks ruthlessness in his dealings. His mother then orchestrates her own underhanded dealings, and upon being confronted by her son, her true intentions are revealed as she seeks ultimate power.

Graham Greene (The Green Mile, Dances with Wolves, Northern Exposure), reprises his role as Rafe McCawley, and we find his mines and crew have been taken over by the Earth Republic, and while they are paid well for their work, conditions have deteriorated and a worker dies on the job, interestingly the memorial service is conducted in Hebrew. The Earth Republic are likened to Nazis, something which causes some of the younger miners to attempt some disorder in town, but are promptly arrested.

Photo Credit: Joe Pugliese/Syfy
Photo Credit: Joe Pugliese/Syfy

The episode progresses slowly, but with purpose. Nolan learns Irisa has been on a quest of her own, and he is continuing on the trail. He runs into some old friends, and by old friends I mean another gang who wants Nolan dead. A fight breaks out, but Nolan is rescued by a mysterious caped figure, who turns out to be Irisa. Well, search is over. That, was fast. But do not worry, Irisa continues to seek out old ghosts and appears to kill a person familiar to her. We soon see an imaginary child-like figure is controlling Irisa, and a vision of her slitting Nolan’s throat is a bad sign of things to come.

The former Mayor, Amanda Rosewater (played by Julie Benz) is reduced to running the Need/Want club and judging by her dress, might be taking the role pretty seriously. Doc Yewll (Trenna Keating) is in prison as well from her actions in season one, and she watches Datak and other prisoners fight over scraps, she has a plan to escape.

It is clear this review has gone on long enough. Defiance is in a state of disarray. The town is essentially owned by the “corporate” Earth Republic, controlled by a stereotypical pompous-assclown, who, in-turn, is controlled by a more sinister government figure. It is unclear what is next for Defiance, but you can be sure it is trouble.

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