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TV Recap: Dominion, Series Premiere

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Based from the movie Leigon, apparently at some point, God Himself vanished. The angels got ticked off and started a war against the humans. Led by Gabriel, the humans were being wiped out. However, a rouge angel, Michael, came to save the humans. A prophecy about a baby saved by Michael himself has come to light, with this person being the “chosen one” to save humanity. Angels bad, humans good, but the angels have asserted their “Dominion” over Earth. Get it?

Photo Credit: Gavin Bond/Syfy
Photo Credit: Gavin Bond/Syfy

We open with a blonde-haired solider being chased by an angel, who is promptly obliterated by city weapons. Christopher Egan plays Alex Lannon, a soldier in the Archangel Corps, and he is a rulebreaker! Because, he breaks rules. Tom Wisdom plays Michael. Surrounded by women, but yet does not wish to risk impregnating any of them. He is very thoughtful. He is mysterious and speaks with a storylike tone. He has been watching over Lannon for years and warns him about the dangers or leaving the walled city of Vega, which looks more like Las Vegas. He lashes Lannon for his disobedience. This is too weird. Here comes Alan Dale (NCIS, Lost, 24) as General Riesen to fill out our commanding crew. Even better, Anthony Head (Buffy, Warehouse 13) is the ruthless David Whele, a political powerhouse who seeks to increase his own wealth and influence.

The focus continues on Lannon as he then makes out with the General’s daughter who is a school teacher. To the less fortunate children. Are we getting close to stereotypical yet? Did I forget to mention our hero soldier boy was wounded in a fight to save her? They also want to run away to another city? Are we beaten to death with clichés yet? There is more! Except she is apparently engaged to Whele’s son! It gets better when Lannon’s father (Langley Kirkwood) shows up and it is hinted at him being a war-hero who gave Alex up to Michael as an orphan. He, and he alone has discovered Gabriel is still alive and is amassing a huge army, which includes the Higher Angels who, once removed from the war, have now decided to join in and prepare to eliminate humanity.

Arika is the hot wife of Queen Evelyn of Helena City. She is having an affair with David Whele. Hoo boy, we confused yet? This show seems more about government conspiracy and human subjugation. Of course, a “chosen one” who will save them all. A special boy under the care of the city of Helena. Yet brought to Vega as part of the delegation.

Photo by: Gavin Bond/Syfy
Photo by: Gavin Bond/Syfy

Episode ends with more tragedy as this mysterious kid from Helena, thought to be “special” or “chosen” grabs a knife and kills Jeep Lannon. His parting words “you are the chosen one” ultimately spoils what we already figure out. Mr. Whele, in his evil sinister way disputes the nonsense, except the tattoos from daddy Lannon suddenly are transferred to Alex. Michael informs everyone the boy from Helena was an angel. Michael knew all along Alex was the chosen one, it was Alex who was the baby saved years ago. The Whele family has some troubles as son does not agree with his father’s political ambitions, and his more faithful to his beliefs.

This is a difficult show to watch. The point the city of Vega is some sort of dictatorship where everyone has numbers is a bit close to Holocaust symbolism. We get it, there are different levels of citizenship, different cities which act like individual governments. There are “Houses” and this-and-that. They barter with other cities for technology, or women. I feel like the medieval age has been brought screaming into our era. The focus is heavy on the sinister plots of the government underworld, and Michael the angel has the hots for Senator Becca Thorn played by Rosalind Halstead (Nearly Famous). We have some celebration which is very over the top, carnivalesque. David Whele brings a fat beastly female angel as a sacrifice to remind the humans what they are up against, and of course, it turns out Gabriel is controlling her, and ultimately she escapes. Michael attacks swiftly while the crowd flees in a direction panic. A Code Red is enacted as Higher Order Angels assault the city. These angels are special. They have armor. Michael goes to battle, but we get a suicide angel who sets off a city-shaking bomb, turning off all the lights and the city is now vulnerable.

Ready for the “didn’t see that coming moment” to end the episode? William, the son of David Whele, the one who is so devout in the “chosen one” and faith for a peaceful future, is really working for Gabriel.

Everything feels like a forced stereotype. Being how I could not watch the movie Legion through, I have little faith in the survival of this series.

Photo Credit: Gavin Bond/Syfy
Photo Credit: Gavin Bond/Syfy

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