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Hooray! Rejoice! For Money in the Bank does retain its original namesake as it was announced on SmackDown there will be a second ladder match, for the Money in the Bank briefcase! Future title match anyone? I am thinking the losers of the WWE Championship qualifying matches may see entry into the MITB match. Very interesting booking on SmackDown, having Titus O’Neal completely embarrassed by Adam Rose, Dolph Ziggler picking up a solid clean win over Wade Barrett, but was the receipt of Bad News when Barrett bowled Ziggler down with the Bull Hammer.

They had some interesting segments with Roman Reigns not trusting anyone, even getting into a staredown with John Cena. Then, during a segment-closing brawl, Cena teased attacking Sheamus from behind, but thought better of it, since they were going to tag up in the main event. Said main event saw Cena, Reigns, and Shemaus defeating the heel-squad of Randy Orton, Alberto del Rio, Bray Wyatt, and Cesaro after Reigns mowed down Del Rio with the Gor… I mean, Spear. Should just call it the Gore already.

Lots of internet chatter about Seth Rollins. Apparently, his new ring gear debuted on SmackDown, and the reviewers hate it. The fashion show, or simply his walk to the ring featured a leather-type armor similar to that of superhero flicks. Most recent, X-Men. It resembles the riot gear once worn as a Shield member, but I am sure it will “adapt” or “evolve” or whatever Triple H is continuing to spew, or should I say what Stephanie McMahon is hurling. He defeats Kofi Kingston with ease, then assists Kane in defeating Dean Ambrose. Curb Stomps for everybody!

Fandango and Bo Dallas have some funny moments during their match as Summer Rae and Layla get heavily involved, and Bo Dallas tries to cheer Johnny Curtis up by reminding him there are “plenty of other fish in the sea” and just Bo-Lieve!

Finally! We get the real Money in the Bank match. Is it strange to be more excited about this match than the actual WWE Championship ladder match? I would say no, because the Money in the Bank match typically features mid-tier talent and the potential for big surprises as to who will be the next championship contender. Last year it came down to Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow, the latter of whom won. We did also get Randy Orton winning a MITB match, and the year before was John Cena. So, there were a few “no one cared” results, but in the past, guys like Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Edge, Jack Swagger, The Miz, Alberto del Rio, and even Dolph Ziggler have won the match and gone on to win either the WWE Championship or World Heavyweight Title. This match pushed them from second-tier to top-tier. Remember what happened when Ziggler held the briefcase? His name was chanted every week during a title match. Even if it was the wrong title. The Miz became WWE Champion, a total shock to everyone. Who would have thought Jack Swagger would go on to become champion? Sure, the title reign does not always last, but if you ask CM Punk or The Miz, the push from cashing in the briefcase pushed them to the top of WWE. Well, at least it is what the creative team decided on, but it was their own talent and ability which kept them there.

Perhaps Titus O’Neal or Wade Barrett are potential winners? Could Big E. Langston or Alexander Rusev be named as participants? If this is an eight-man ladder match, here is who I would want to see in it:

Dolph Ziggler – The guy deserves it. If not for injury, the guy might have held the World Title all the way to its unification.
Bad News Barrett – He should be a lock. His popularity is soaring right now.
Big E. Langston – He had a push, the got pushed back. He is a big guy who could probably benefit from being involved in this match.
Alexander Rusev – His 80’s evil Russian gimmick is so over, you need a big baddie like him in there.
Kofi Kingston – Ladder Fodder
Titus O’Neal – I promise you, one day he will be WWE World Champion. He has all the right talents. Serious and comedic. In the ring he is a powerhouse.
Jack Swagger – I want a Swagger Bomb off the top of the ladder.
Damien Sandow – As of late, the once serious Sandow has embraced his comedic side. Like any good play, an actor knows all the roles.

Chances are, here is who will be in it:

Seth Rollins (already announced on
Rob Van Dam
Curtis Axel
Dolph Ziggler
Bad News Barrett
Big E. Langston
Alexander Rusev

It is unlikely Seth Rollins will win, as this is a great chance for Dean Ambrose to interfere and keep their feud going. Meanwhile, The Usos have a title defense against Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.

What else happened this week? The Funkadactyls turn heel and split up in the span of five minutes. No one cared.

Does anyone else notice how CM Punk is still on the WWE superstar page of their website? Anyone else realize David Otunga, Darren Young, and The Great Khali still have jobs since they too are on the WWE website?

Or how about Hunico and Sin Cara both being on the site and have their own profile pages? How can they be in the same place at the same time?

Where is Daniel Bryan in all of this? Easy. At home. Banging his Bella. Hopefully not too hard to face reinjury. Just kidding.

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