#FridayReads: ‘300’ by Frank Miller


On Tuesday of this week, 300: Rise of an Empire, the long-awaited sequel to the massive blockbuster film 300, was released on DVD.

So, with the release of the DVD, I decided to dive into the source material, which I own in coffee table book format.

To refresh your memory, 300 is a tale about Leonidas and his small army of Spartans who head out to the “Hot Gates” to meet the Persian horde, led by Xerxes, who are out to conquer the entire of Greece. These 300 Spartans are the country’s only hope to stave off the Persians and the men know that their mission can lead nowhere but the grave.


Frank Miller and Lynn Varley created an absolutely beautiful, violent and cinematic work. The comics are breathtakingly gorgeous. There’s one scene in particular when the Spartans get in formation with their spears and shields that is just amazing. It’s like looking at a still frame from a movie it’s so realistic and visceral.

The story itself is just chock full testosterone-fueled action, goose bump inducing speeches and a resolution that, just despite its inevitability, still leaves you with mouth agape.

Miller and Varley created something that was absolutely made to be adapted to the big screen and Zack Snyder, who gets crapped on by a lot of people, did a brilliant job transitioning Leonidas and his army to the big screen. Gerard Butler was perfect — from his fierce beard, to his gruff voice, to his absolutely ferocity in action sequences.

So, if you loved the movie 300 or if you’re one of the few who adored the sequel, it’s highly recommended you check out Frank Miller’s brilliant 300.

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