Interview: SomeKindaWonderful


Blown away.

Those are the two best words to describe how you’ll feel after listening to SomeKindaWonderful.

The band, which met by complete happenstance in a bar in the middle of nowhere in Ohio, has blown us away with the music off their debut, self-titled full-length. Anchored by the absolutely dynamic single, “Reverse” which is seconds away from becoming the “it” single of Summer 2014, the record is a soulful and gorgeous record that’ll rocket its way to your Top 10 records of the year, no doubt.

Pop-Break recently had the opportunity to talk with the voice of SomeKindaWonderful, Jordy Towers, about 80s movies, happenstance and all that’s wonderful with the band.


Pop-Break: The name of the band, it’s the most over-asked question in the history of musical journalism. But, I gotta ask, was the inspiration for the name of your band the resplendent 1980s teen comedy starring Eric Stoltz and Mary Louise Parker? While, I’m sure it’s not, part of me is holding out hope for it. But in all seriousness, if you can elaborate on the story behind the name.

Jordy Towers: (Laughs) Love the movie and the song but we just love the name. It’s become like an expression in our culture that stands for something beautiful and rare and that’s what we set out to create with our music. Something beautiful and the butterfly…


PB: You met your band mates, almost as if the fates had conspired together, at a bar in the tiny town of Olmstead Falls, Ohio where you just happened to be visiting. Can you give us the details about this fateful night? Also, what was it about Matt and Ben as musicians that made you stop and say, “Yes, these are the guys I want to make music with?”

Jordy Towers: We met at a bar in Ohio randomly one night and connected over music and went over to Ben’s (Drummer Ben Schigel) studio (which was right down the block from the bar) and “Reverse” was the first thing we wrote and recorded together. It was done in about 3 hours.

To answer your second question, people in the music business tend to be judgmental and analytical assholes and it’s hard to feel free creatively sometimes when you work with people. With these guys I knew instantly they wouldn’t pass judgment and I could be free to create with them. They’re my soul brothers/

PB: I first discovered you guys from your cover of the hip-hop classic “California Love.” The cover was awesome, absolutely awesome. Was the purpose of covering Tupac and other artists like Phoenix a way to get noticed or were these pieces that you just had fun with and wanted to share with the world? Also, can you talk about the process of translating “California Love” into your style of music?

Jordy Towers: We’re big fans of Tupac of course. I grew up in what’s known as the golden era of hip-hop with Pac, Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z. We covered it because it’s just a really good song and because the way did it is super eery. We were all trying to figure out a song to cover and our manager suggested it and I was like FUCK YEAH!

PB: Speaking of songs, the world has fallen in love with your song “Reverse.” What do you think it is about this song that has caused such an overwhelming amount of support from audiences as well as major radio networks like Alt Nation on Sirius XM?

Jordy Towers: Maybe it’s catchy and haunting and once people realize that the song is actually written in “Reverse” they freak the fuck out like “is this real life?” (laughs) It’s for people that listen to lyrics.


PB: The new record dropped on the 23rd. What can people expect to hear on this record — will it be similar to “Reverse” or will it be something varied and wildly different?

Jordy Towers: It’s a pretty diverse album music genre wise. We’re a “no genre” band though the closest genre to describe it is rock ‘n’ roll. The songs all have a hidden morsel inside them to be decoded. Everything is strategically placed properly where it’s supposed to be from the song order to the subject matter so our fans can decode our over all message.

PB: In the coming months, what does the band have on tap that you’re the most excited for outside of the album release, obviously?

Jordy Towers:We’ll be traveling the country in search of people who’d like to be inspired by music. That’s what we live for.. we have a big tour in the fall with bad suns & new politics that we’re super excited about and our california love tour (that we’re currently on) has been incredible we’ve sold out our first two shows so far and the fans have been amazing

PB: What do you love about being in SomeKindaWonderful?

Jordy Towers:Great question…yhe people. From the fans to my band members to the radio folks we get to meet to the waitresses and bartenders, sound guys, etc. Love the people!!! Also, Being able to express myself and make the music I’ve dreamt of making since I was a kid growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles comes a close second (laughs).

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