The Casting Couch: June News

Written by Bill Bodkin and Daniel Cohen


Star Wars: Episode VII Round-Up

Lupita Nyong’o in an unspecified role
Gwendoline Christie in an unspecified role

Thumbs Up on Nyong’o/Thumbs Undecided on Christie: Nyong’o’s Oscar winning performance in 12 Years a Slave speaks for itself. Her in Episode VII? Yes, please. And the rumor is as a villain, which I totally see. I love this casting. As far as Christie goes, I haven’t watched Game of Thrones, so I can’t really say. People seem to be happy about her casting though, so there you go.

Thumbs Up To Both: An Oscar-winning performer and one of the big fan favorites from one of the best shows on TV today…I’m so pumped for this new Star Wars movies. –BB


Sigourney Weaver in an unspecified role (Avatar Sequels)

Thumbs Down: Weaver played Dr. Grace Augustine in the original Avatar who died, and now she’s coming back to the franchise as a different character? This doesn’t sit well with me. I guess if it’s an animated or motion capture character, it can work, but the idea of an actress who already appeared in your franchise who comes back as someone different doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe the character is reincarnated in James Cameron’s crazy Avatar world, which works a little better, but for now, the thumb is down. –DC

Thumbs Way Down: Avatar was a decent movie. We don’t need any sequels…ever again. It was a tired story with some pretty visuals. It made a ton of money, but no one ever cites it as one of their favorite movies like a Titanic or Terminator 2.

Tom Hiddleston as Hank Williams (I Saw the Light)

Thumbs in the Middle: Tom Hiddleston as Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the most overrated performance ever in the superhero genre. Calm down people, he’s not that great. Give me a break. Hiddleston is a good actor, but I’ve never been wowed by the guy in anything. Getting a chance to do a musical biopic will certainly be a big test for him, so this is a wait and see for me. –DC

Thumbs Up: I’ll disagree with Dan. I think he’s a damn fine actor and if I know one thing about British actors — they can pull off anything. Maybe that’s a lie, but I dig Hiddleston and he could do something great here. –BB


Jason Momoa as Aquaman (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice)

Thumbs Up: When I first read this news, I didn’t like anything about it. Are you kidding me? Another superhero in this film? It’s becoming a clown car. But when I sat down to really reflect, I started to change my tune. While I’m not crazy about Aquaman being in this movie, his inclusion in this new DC Cinematic Universe makes me relieved and ecstatic. Aquaman is seen as a joke by so many people, but he really is an amazing character, and other than Batman and Superman, he may be my favorite DC superhero. I’m thrilled he’s getting a chance in the movie world. As far as Momoa playing him, I’ve only seen him in two films, one of which I hated (Conan the Barbarian), and one which I liked (Bullet to the Head). I guess I need to start watching Game of Thrones though, as it seems like so many actors are being pulled from the Thrones pool into big franchises. Even though he’s a little inexperienced, I can see Momoa as a fit for Aquaman as he brings that bad ass quality, and his presence makes Aquaman anything but a joke. I’m intrigued. –DC

Thumbs Down: Let’s get things straight — I enjoy Jason Momoa as an actor. I think his recent work in SundanceTV’s Red Road was awesome. But, I can’t see him as Aquaman. Aquaman always struck me as this lean, lithe bleach blonde surfer. I’m thinking more Matthew McConaughey 10 years ago than Momoa. –BB

Teresa Palmer as the female lead (Point Break Remake)


Thumbs Up: Palmer is a good actress, and has shined in subpar films like I Am Number Four, so this casting makes a lot of sense. As far as the actual film goes, I still don’t give a shit. –DC

Thumbs WAY Up: This is the only casting piece that I love about the Point Break remake. Palmer was awesome in Warm Bodies and she’s a billion times more attractive than Lori Petty who was the original female lead. –BB

Ben Kingsley as Bagheera the Black Panther (voice) (The Jungle Book)

Thumbs Up: This voice casting fits Kingsley like a glove. Every time there’s a new casting announcement for this film, I always say the same thing: I love the cast, but I wish Jon Favreau wasn’t directing. Also, would they just cast John Goodman as the voice of Baloo already? Come on, is that not the perfect choice! –DC

Thumbs Up: This vocal casting is absolutely perfect. Kingsley has such a magnificent voice that having him being a part of the new Jungle Book is a huge score. I also agree with Dan, let’s cast John Goodman already. –BB

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