#FridayReads: ‘A Game of Thrones’ by George R. R. Martin


Written by Matt Agosta 

Anyone sick of Game of Thrones yet? Yeah, me neither. The season four finale blew my mind and finally got me really wanting to read the books to see what happens next. So I’m starting with book one, “A Game of Thrones”. Those small and super thick books always intimidate me so I’m reading it on my iPad which makes it a lot easier to get through. Since I watch the show I already know what happens, but I also know all the name of the characters, how to pronounce them, and how things connect which also makes it a much easier read.

A GAME OF THRONES new HC The real pleasure with reading the books other than jumping back in the world of the Seven Kingdoms is just how great George R. R. Martin’s writing really is. I always knew him as the creator of this amazing world but could never appreciate his writing until now. GRRM gets deep into each characters head and is showing me part of these characters I’d never be able to see on the show. I also have to give the man credit for building such a large world with endless amounts of lore and history, which is really baffling when you think about it. Again, this part of the world is way more flushed out in the books because GRRM could take time out of the chapter to go over the history of a certain house, landmark, battle, ancient history, etc.

Let be real here. I’m not reading “A Game of Thrones”, a book that I already know what happens, because of a lush fantasy world. I’m reading it because of the amazing characters and insane plotlines. It is so much fun to go back to the very beginning and see where all these characters started. It’s been years since I watched the first season of Game of Thrones so this is all a serious refresher for me and I love it. This book is a seriously great read for me, but I really cannot wait until I’m done with book one, two, and three. That’s when the real fun begins. 

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