Interview: Radkey

Written by Molly Boekenheide


When you think back to your teenage years, what comes to mind? Stressing over exams? Fretting over your prom date? How about sweating bullets over your upcoming tour with Rise Against and Touche Amore?

Okay, well, maybe not the last one.

The boys in Radkey may be young, but they are anything but ordinary. A refreshing mix of new-age punk blended with old school attitude, Radkey’s three brothers Dee (20), Isaiah (18), and Solomon (16), are fast-forwarding past the typical teenage agenda and are heading straight for stardom.

Isaiah took some time out of his busy schedule to speak with me about working with family, performing in front of thousands, and ending false rock as they prep for the 4Knots Festival in New York City today.

Photo Credit:  Shawn Brackbill
Photo Credit: Shawn Brackbill

Pop-Break: Thanks so much for speaking with us! For our readers who might not know, could you tell us a bit about yourselves?

Isaiah Radkey: We’re three brothers from St. Joseph, Missouri on a quest to end false rock.

PB: What are the best and worst parts about working closely with your family?

IR: Wouldn’t say there are any bad parts. Everything’s much easier for us. Can’t really picture playing with anyone else.

PB: You recently started your tour with Rise Against and Touche Amore. How did that all come about and what’s been the best memory you’ve made far?

IR: We haven’t started the tour yet. We’ll be heading out in September. We’re really stoked.

PB: What other artists would you like to eventually work with?

IR: Queens of the Stone Age and The Foo Fighters would be pretty excellent.

PB: You’re set to perform at the 4Knots Music Festival this weekend. What’s your favorite part about playing for large audiences?

IR: Love how loud it gets. Big crowds are great.

PB: Personally, how has punk music helped you?

IR: Ramones are a huge influence on the band, so that’s definitely pretty big for us. It taught us a lot.

PB: What advice would you give musicians that are trying to make it in the industry?

IR: Always put on a great show no matter how many people are at your show. You never know who could be watching.

PB: What’s next for you all?

IR: We’ll be finishing up the full length! Coming out in January!

Radkey performs today, July 12, at The 4Knots Music Festival at the South Street Seaport in New York City. The festival is absolutely free.

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