Happy Mondays Interview Series: Hot Blood


Happy Mondays at The Wonder Bar in Asbury Park is about to get the volume turned up to 11 tonight.

Hot Blood, one of the most talked-about punk bands in the Asbury scene right now, will be storming the stage for a performance filled with high speed, high energy, take no prisoners punk rock. The band, who released their first full-length, the hardcore No Kings, is the latest release from the local label Little Dickman Records. The one-two combination of Hot Blood and Little Dickman has left a wake of melted faces and burst eardrums from the shores of Asbury to the sand strewn stages of Austin, Texas and everywhere in between.

Pop-Break caught up with the entire band to talk about their lyrics, Little Dickman and The Ramones.


Hot Blood is: Billy Straniero, Alex Rosen, Matthew Thomas Kiley, Charlie Schafer

We Formed in: Red Bank Rehearsal Studios

We’re Based out of: Monmouth County, New Jersey

Any New Music Coming Soon? Yes, we are doing a concept album. And a split with Shady Street Show Band. And a split with the Pure 13.

Our Sound linked to: Yosa. Dj Deuce Groan, Donkeycrust, Thurdersex, Gunt, Ms. Potato Dick.
rat balls.

Famous/Awesome Band performed with before: Executors. Invsn. Urban Waste. Mephiskapheles. Hub City Stompers. Inspector 7. Vansaders. Ides. The Mischief Kids.


Pop-Break: One thing that we’ve heard about you guys is your strong lyrical content. Can you talk about your lyrics and the inspiration for them?

Mat Kiley: I like writing political songs because ya know man people should open their goddamn minds.

Pop-Break: You guys are on Little Dickman Records — can you talk about working with these guys and working with a label that seems to really have a real passion for every artist they work with?

Hot Blood: We love Chris and Amy. They are fantastic. Absolutely amazing. They give a damn about music and we like hanging with them. They have given us couches to sleep on and made dreams come true. We don’t have a single complaint about them. Except we do wish Amy had a bunch of twin sisters.

Pop-Break: Over the weekend the last living member of The Ramones, Tommy, passed away. Can you give us some thoughts on The Ramones and their impact on the world and you guys in particular?

Alex Rosen: No band that we like would exist without the Ramones. They will forever be one of the best bands ever. They are king.

Pop-Break: If someone is reading this and discovering you for the first time and wants to listen to a song of yours to truly get the essence of Hot Blood which song would it be and why?


Alex Rosen: Probably “Chloe” or “Class Warfare.” They are energetic, political and for the people.

Pop-Break: What can the people coming out to Happy Monday expect to see from you guys in terms of a live experience?

Hot Blood: We have a bass player from the scene, Sweet Tooth filling in for Charlie. It will just be a fun and loud time. I am sure the audience will experience every emotion they are capable of feeling including love and sexual frustration.

Pop-Break: The Jersey Shore scene has so many punk bands performing in it right now, so what makes Hot Blood stand out — from a musical standpoint?

Hot Blood: Our guitars feedback for no reason. Oh and we have Billy Straniero in drums

Pop-Break: What do you have planned for the rest of 2014?

HB: August we have a small east coast tour with one of our favorites – The Vansaders. We are hoping to finish writing our concept album soon and start recording it. Other than that, just play some shows and hang out with friends, drink some appletinis.

Hot Blood performs tonight at The Wonder Bar’s Happy Monday concert series along with Acid and The Mischief Kids. Tonight also begins the venue’s toy donations during Happy Mondays for the Asbury Park Toy Drive since it is halfway to Christmas! All toys will be given to the local children of AP!

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