TV Recap: Masters of Sex, Season 2 Premiere


Season Two of Masters of Sex brings us a few months into the future, expertly weaving flashes of what we’ve missed in the interim through the perspectives of both Virginia and Dr. Masters.

When Season One left us, Masters (Michael Sheen) had just been fired from the hospital, effectively ending his study. He went to Virginia’s (Lizzy Caplan) doorstep where he romantically declared in the rain that he needed her. This season opener was the perfect way to bring us into the next chapter of their story together, forcing us to wonder for much of the episode if the two of them were even on speaking terms.

There’s a couple things this show always gets right. It takes it’s time telling the story, but manages to keep a tension, making us always on the edge of our seats wondering what will happen next to these characters. It does an amazing job of showing what it would be like to be a smart and strong woman in its time period, yet always under appreciated and expected to take care of the children. It also truly puts a unique view on a historical event, taking advantage of the fact that the way people viewed sex before the Masters and Johnson study is comical to us today, because we know so much.

Often when a show has a great first season, season two becomes somewhat of a test. Can they really sustain the intrigue and compelling storyline, or would the show and its genius have been better off as a miniseries? It’s clear from this first episode of Season Two that Master of Sex still has quite a bit of storytelling to do, and we’ll enjoy it every bit as much as we enjoyed Season One.

And if the show isn’t really your cup of tea, just remember – there is sex in every episode. And Lizzy Caplan.

You’re welcome.

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