TV Recap: You’re the Worst, Series Premiere


You’re The Worst is a new comedy on FX about two toxic, self-destructive people who start dating. And… it’s basically the best.

Gretchen (Aya Cash) and Jimmy (Chris Geere) are legitimately terrible people, who bond over the worst things they’ve ever done during a long, fun night of varying sexual positions. At first glance, you would think this show is just vulgar for the sake of being vulgar. But the comedy actually comes from a place of complete honesty, where these two characters are willing to say and do things that real people generally don’t deem polite.

Photo Credit: James Minchin/FX
Photo Credit: James Minchin/FX

I find it completely refreshing to see TV characters like this. Particularly two characters in a romantic entanglement, who aren’t filtered to make sure the audience is charmed by them. Honestly, their lack of a filter is what charmed me (and probably their looks didn’t hurt). I found myself falling in love with Gretchen and Jimmy for being complete human beings, not caring what others think of them. There is even a touch of sentimentality here, because in their terribleness, they both realize that together they aren’t outcasts. They have finally found someone with whom they can share the worst things about themselves, and in return they’ll get a comparable story instead of a look of horror.

Basically, this show is a cross between It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and whatever your favorite romantic comedy is. I really enjoyed this pilot, and I’m looking forward to see where this season will take these terrible people. It’s different, it’s original, and it’s totally hilarious. Do it.

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