The Singles Party: Hilary Duff, “Chasing the Sun”


How’s this for a Throwback Thursday track? The former Lizzie McGuire has dropped a brand new single, “Chasing the Sun” and of course, The Singles Party crew had to check it out.

Nick Porcaro: I really want to like this tune, mainly due to its endearing guitar riff—all lush and breezy and carefree, it’s the perfect soundtrack for a summer sunset. Unfortunately, I can’t recommend “Chasing the Sun” for a few reasons. For one, Duff’s vocals don’t quite cut it. She’s auto-tuned to death and fairly grating, especially when singing the “ooh ooh ooh” parts. But the real problem with “Chasing the Sun” lies in its completely forgettable chorus. If this song had a better hook I could see it being a solid hit for Ms. Duff but if her next few singles are similarly mediocre, she’ll keep chasing chart success to no avail.Verdict: one and done.

Kelly O’Dowd: Did Hilary Duff always sound like Sheryl Crow? This is actually a good song. The music reflects the mood of not wanting to be where you are, and honestly, that’s how I’m feeling today. It’s mellow enough where repeated listens don’t grate on your ears, but it’s catchy enough to find yourself singing along to the (much repeated) chorus. I don’t know if I’ll listen to this song year round, but it’s a great add to a summer playlist. Verdict: Add to playlist


Justin Matchick: Ineffectual and insipid, Hilary Duff’s return to music after a seven-year hiatus is as cookie-cutter a pop song can get. Duff became a mother in the years she spent out of the spotlight, and instead of making her music more mature, it’s just made it more boring. Lyrics fade from memory the instant they are heard while the guitar might as well be a generic loop from a music editing program’s stock sound effects. I wouldn’t second guess it if someone told me this entire song was conceived, written, performed, and produced in a short afternoon. Those who were a fan of her music when they were younger might want to give a listen just to see what’s changed, everyone else should pass, pass, pass. This wouldn’t make the cut on the soft rock playlist at a supermarket. Verdict: One and Done

Lisa Pikaard: Well at least this song is short, less than 3 minutes long. Hil Duff was never the strongest female out there but she was damn catchy. At this point in my life though, I want a strong singer, someone belting out a song with power rather than breathy catchy crap. This song isn’t quite peppy or catchy enough and the chorus is just bland. On top of that, the song is cheesy and not in an endearing way. There is no big moment in the song and I would say there are approximately 8 seconds that I actually enjoy, 1:45-1:53. Other than that, the song is lame. Yes, that was harsh but I did listen to Hilary Duff way back in the day from time to time but her voice is better than this processed nonsense. Sing a real song with real power behind it Hilary! I know you have it in you!! This song though, nope. Not the best way to come back to music at all. Verdict- One aaaaaand Done.

Bill Bodkin: For some reason, I had hopes for this song — this could be be a fun-and-sun pop track that’d be fluffy pop cheesy goodiness. Sadly, it was a disposable, grating and ultimately terrible attempt at capturing an auto-tuned Sheryl Crow “Soak Up the Sun” vibe. The chorus is maddeningly terrible and the rest of the song is just so bad you kinda want to set fire to it. Hilary Duff has it in her to be a fun pop singer, just wish it showed here. Verdict: One and Done.

Al Mannarino: I’m not ashamed to admit I use to watch Lizzie McGuire when I was younger (I’m a little ashamed), but I was never a fan of Hilary Duff’s music career. Don’t get me wrong, she is incredibly beautiful and talented, but I never get into her music. Maybe it’s because she spent her time making incredibly generic pop songs. Her first track from her upcoming album has the potential to be a catchy summer time song, but it’s boring melody and forgettable lyrics ruin those chances. The song wasn’t written by Duff, but I am guessing the rest of the album isn’t either. If the album is anything like this song, it will be very lackluster.

Verdict: One and Done

Verdict: Just don’t even…

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