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Pop-Preview: Sublime with Rome at The Wellmont Theater

Photo Courtesy: Fueled by Ramen
Photo Courtesy: Fueled by Ramen

Ask anyone born in the last 35 years for the top five bands that come to mind when they think of ska-punk music, and chances are Sublime will be somewhere on that list. They laughed at convention, pioneered a musical movement, and partied their way into the ears and hearts of millions of listeners worldwide. Plus, they smoked two joints in the morning, two joints at night, two joints in the afternoon, and two joints before smoking two joints. Now, we aren’t the greatest mathematicians, but if we counted our hands and toes correctly, that’s at least 12 joints — an impressive feat by anyone’s standards.

This past week, our longtime writer Maxwell Barna got the opportunity to sit down with Sublime With Rome’s frontman, Rome Ramirez.

We talked about Ramirez’s solo efforts, the mentality going into the studio with him this November as the band prepares to record it’s follow up to Yours Truly, and what we can expect from the new album:

“This time around, I really want to capture the essence of the New York Dolls, the essence of Iggy Pop and the Stooges, and apply it to the streets, with groups like NWA and that East LA rap sound — and then make it reggae. I think that if we go to the utmost, grimiest parts of every one of the genres, and put it all together, we’ll come out with something very unique.”

We also discussed his work with Enrique Iglesias, his production credits on the new Dirty Heads record, and how Eric Wilson is the last punk rocker on Earth. Oh, and he thanks him for getting him laid when he was thirteen.

Sublime will be performing tonight at the Welmont Theater in Montclair, N.J., and you can catch our full interview with Rome Monday morning! Tickets remain available for The Wellmont show, click here to purchase.

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