Album Review: Godsmack, ‘1000hp’


Almost 20 years after the band began, Godsmack is still hitting the drums hard, singing some eerie tunes, and making the music we have come to appreciate and love.

If you appreciate everything Godsmack and you can listen to the band all day long, you will love every song on 1000hp. If you’re more like me and dabble in Godsmack, appreciate a few songs here and there, then this album will get repetitive very quickly. There are about four or five songs that are worthwhile and the other five, well they all sound the same.

Photo Credit: Michael Chapman
Photo Credit: Michael Chapman

Godsmack’s first single from the new album is the title track, “1000hp” and it is not inventive or special; however it is a great way to kick off an album. The guitar riffs are solid, the vocals are emotional and strong. Unfortunately, the lyrics aren’t super inventive but they will get the listener going and this song will be awesome to see live. Sully demands you turn the music up and go faster and harder. You can’t go wrong with that.

I was dismayed to hear that Godsmack named a song “FML;” it seemed peculiar and definitely not rock star that the band used a common acronym that is texted daily as a song title. It seemed like a weak mainstream cop out but this song is a shining example of how talented Godsmack is. The guitar continues to excel here and the vocals are grainier and darker than ever before showing a new side of Sully’s voice. His aggressive shouting is replaced by emotion and it’s hypnotizing. “FML” may have been a better selection as the first single if only radio was ready for a song that curses many times in each chorus.

If Godsmack does not follow up “1000hp” with “FML,” then the band should definitely consider following it up with “Generation Day” or “Living in the Gray.” “Generation Day” is a little lengthy to be a single, coming in at over six minutes, but the musical aspects of the song are phenomenal. “Living in the Gray” would be a great follow up as well because it shows growth. It has a different tempo which is nice and it isn’t an in your face song. It shows a more subtle power and, for once, Sully’s voice shows color and range that is often masked.

If you are looking for something new and different and want to be impressed, listen to the appropriately titled, “Something Different.” It’s easy to imagine the Foo Fighters releasing a song just like this so combine their vibe with Godsmack’s vocals and this is what you’d get. It’s a crazy combination but it really works. “Something Different” shows not only Godsmack’s growth, but also the band’s willingness to take a risk. This was a very well calculated risk and it will pay off.

Photo Credit: Michael Chapman
Photo Credit: Michael Chapman

The album is average because, although there are some great tunes, there is a lot of the same. “What’s Next,” “Locked & Loaded,” “I Don’t Belong,” and “Nothing Comes Easy,” all of these songs we’ve heard before and could probably be blended into one another to create one super song that epitomizes what Godsmack is. There are a few unique aspects of the songs but nothing is spectacular. There is no risk or evolution or change. It’s frustrating that a band with such skill keeps falling back on the past.

Speaking of returning to the past, the album ends with “Turning to Stone.” This track is the band’s attempt at recreating “Voodoo” and it just fails. Just because something worked once does not mean to do it again. The band ended up making a pale imitation of one of its greatest successes.

Overall is 1000hp worth listening to? It all depends on what you like and what you’re looking for. If you want to hear more of the same Godsmack that has been around for two decades, this album has that. Do you want something new? This album has that too. However, unless you’re looking for both of those aspects, this album will fall short and be just alright. Thankfully we live in the day and age where you can listen to an album, pick and choose the songs you love and download just those tunes.