Happy Mondays Interview Series: InCircles


Circularity is sometimes, pretty cool. (Wow, that pun was totally not intended).

For the New York punks, InCircles, Asbury Park is marking the beginning and end of their summer. The band rolled into the famed musical city-by-the-sea for the 2014 edition of The Skate & Surf Festival in mid-May and now close the summer out with a performance at The Wonder Bar’s Happy Mondays stage. And if you missed them in May, make it a point to see them tonight. The band has a fantastic, rumbling, high-energy punk sound that’s fronted by the hypnotically intense vocals of the band’s singer, Jewlee.

Pop-Break caught up with the band to talk some punk rock. Don’t forget to check them out tonight as InCircles will perform with Trophy Scars and Amy Malkoff & The Moonshines tonight at The Wonder Bar.

InCircles Are (Members of the Band): Jewlee- guitar/ vox, Eric P.- bass/vox, Oscar Silva- Drums

We’re Based Out Of: Long Island and the Bronx, NY

Any New Music Coming Out Soon: Yes! Currently recording a new EP.

You’ve Seen Us Before [In Other Bands]: I’ve played in Team Spider and Stupid Naturals (Oscar), Jewlee had a short stint in the band “Rush.”

Our Sound Has Been Likened to: Pixies, The White Stripes, Fugazi.

Cool/Famous Bands We’ve Played With: We shared the stage with The Early November at the Skate and Surf Fest 2014. We also got to play with The Casualties in Pittsfield, MA. Their tour bus is interesting.


Can you talk about the origin of the band’s name?

Oscar Silva: Eric thought of that. Just kind of on a whim but over time it took on more significance I think.

Can you talk about how you came to work with Grammy Award-winner Cynthia Daniels and then what has she done to help your career and your out look as a band.

Oscar Silva: Jewlee met CD at a radio show she was hosting. Jewlee gave Cynthia a demo and took her on as an assistant. Cynthia decided to be a bro and record them a dope LP called YoungBlood, simultaneously starting up MonkMusic Records and signing the band. Sweet. CD keeps us driven and inspired. If we slack off she smacks us upside the head and tells us to get to work.


A bit of more broad, sweeping question — what is it that you love about being in InCircles?

Oscar Silva: Music is the driving force in all three members of the band.

Jewlee: I can only speak for myself (Jewlee), but InCircles is the air I breathe. Seeing kids sing along to InCircles songs is the most addictive drug in the world.

If someone’s coming out to Happy Mondays and has never heard you before, what song would you recommend them to check out to fully get what the InCircles is all about?

Oscar Silva:Oh man. Probably a stereotypical thing to say but it’s hard to pick one song. My new favorite is called “Dream Logic, Real Fear”. You can check out a video of us playing Punk Island in NYC this past June.

What can the people coming out to Happy Mondays expect to see from you guys in terms of a live experience?

Oscar Silva: Well we are silly gooses and like to get all sweaty and weird. Expect to feel silly and weird. You might get punched in the face.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2014?

Touring more touring and finishing our new EP! And salsa lessons. Oscar’s got a good two step. Or so I hear. Thanks so much for havin us on Pop-Break! You can find tunes, tours and so forth at www.incirclesmusic.com Godspeed.

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