Trailer on Tuesdays (on a Wednesday): Dumber and Dumber To

Written by Bill Bodkin and Logan J. Fowler



Release Date: November 14

Starring: Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels, Laurie Holden, Rob Riggle, Kathleen Turner.

Directed By: The Farrelly Brothers

Plot: Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey)and Harry Dunn (Jeff Daniels) hit the road to find Harry’s long, lost daughter.

Pre-Trailer Thoughts: 90’s Jim Carrey/Jeff Daniel flick gets unnecessary sequel. –LJF

Pre-Trailer Thoughts: 90’s Jim Carrey/Jeff Daniel flick gets the most necessary sequel in the history of cinema. –BB

Rate the Trailer (1-5): Two out of Five. The only real strength of this trailer is Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. I honestly probably only chuckled at this thing twice, and that’s not good. It seems like they are going to try to tap into a lot of jokes that worked in the first film which runs the risk of being annoying more than hilarious. Honestly though, did this movie need to be made? –LJF

Rate the Trailer (1-5): Five out of Five. Oh, am I buying into the hype, you bet your sweet ass I am. Dumb and Dumber is one of my all-time favorite movies and the pure joy I got from seeing these two together just makes everything right in the world. –BB

Theater, Rent, No Thanks, Undecided? Undecided. When I think of Jim Carrey movies from when he was on top of the world, Dumb and Dumber actually isn’t the first to come to mind. Do I like the movie? Oh yeah, it’s a fun time, don’t get me wrong. But D and D isn’t necessarily my go to for one of his films, hence my increasing hesitation to see this sequel that could fall flat on its face. My interest in it lies solely in seeing the two leads do their thing, so it could be a rental, but really, I feel like the world won’t end (or pets heads will fall off) if I bypass this. We will see. –LJF

Theater, Rent, No Thanks, Undecided? Theater. Hands down I am going to see this movie in theaters. Now, fanboying aside, do I have some worries? Oh yeah. This could turn out to be a massive disappointment. The Farrelly Brothers are extremely hit or miss and this whole thing could come off as one big, forced mess. However, it’s Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are they have such an amazing chemistry together (look at their VMA spot which was three minutes of pure gold) that they could really save this movie from itself. Crap or not, I’ll be there when it opens. –BB

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