Bold Box Office Predictions: Labor Day Weekend


Notable Openings This Weekend: As Above/So Below, The November Man

Really? This is how we end the summer? A paint-by-numbers found footage movie, and a hackneyed Pierce Brosnan thriller? While technically the last summer movie weekend, Labor Day Weekend is notorious for beginning the doldrums of September. It’s not summer anymore, but not quite awards season – it’s total movie limbo. I feel like a janitor cleaning up after a huge party, and it’s 5 AM – everybody has gone home. We got a few weeks of this, so we might as well get started.


As Above/So Below. It barely gets into the top five, but it was made for five bucks, so it will profit. The end. Thanks, Paranormal Activity.

Poor Pierce Brosnan. This guy was a fantastic 007, but other than GoldenEye, he was handed absolute crap as James Bond. And now he’s starring in some run of the mill/nobody cares action thriller. This guy deserves better. Isn’t there an HBO show for him or something? Throw the man a bone. The November Man will probably make the top five, but nobody cares.

How Will It All Break Down…

Guardians of the Galaxy rolls out of bed at #1, followed closely by Ninja Turtles. Even If I Stay will perform better than the newcomers.


1) Guardians of the Galaxy — $11.5 Million

2) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — $10 Million

3) If I Stay — $8.5 Million

4) As Above/So Below — $7 Million

5) The November Man — $6 Million

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