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TV Recap: Play it Again, Dick (Series Premiere)


Summary: Ryan Hansen decides to pitch a Veronica Mars spinoff to the CW, called Private Dick, in which Dick becomes a PI.

What can I say about Play it Again, Dick? OMG, so much. The pilot was only seven minutes long, but it felt like a lifetime of enjoyment and happiness. Any fan of Veronica Mars (and even those who haven’t seen the show) will appreciate this new series.

Now – this might get confusing, so let me break it down for you a little better.


Play it Again, Dick is a web series on CW Seed created and written by Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas (who is not the lead singer of Matchbox Twenty). The show centers around Ryan Hansen, who played Dick Casablancas. Ryan is writing a brand new show called Private Dick, a spin-off of Veronica Mars in which Dick becomes a private investigator…and he gets everyone from the show involved (except Rob Thomas).

Basically almost all of your favorite VMars actors are playing kind of bizarre versions of themselves, and also playing kind of bizarre versions of their characters. It’s… hard to explain how perfect this turns out to be.

The first episode revolves around Ryan and Kristen Bell, where he explains the ridiculous plot of his show in some expertly written and executed exposition.

Bizarro Ryan shares a lot of qualities with Dick. He is completely full of himself, out of touch with reality, and has no concept of money. Bizarro Kristen is full of herself in a different way — she knows she’s very famous. Yet, she is still in touch with reality and able to play the perfect straight man to Ryan’s ridiculous nature.

Look, it was seven minutes. So there’s honestly not much more to report than that. What I can tell you is this show is a Veronica Mars fan’s wet dream. But it would also appeal to those who have never seen the show. Play it Again, Dick is a completely new show, with a brand new plot. There may be some references a new fan wouldn’t get here or there, but overall I think this could appeal to anyone.

But all, and I do mean ALL, VMars fans should be checking it out.

To watch the series, click here.


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